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PSP Firmware 6.30 Released. Papaton 2 Exploit / HBL Patched!

Yep, we knew it was coming and now its all official. Sony have released Firmware 6.30. As expected it has patched all know exploits, Patapon 2 Demo Save Data Exploit. No no more HBL loader. Its alos even patched Datels Action Replay software. So like [...]


PSP Hack: Font Mod for 6.20 OFW via PSP Filer and HBL

httpvhd:// Thanks to MaX SLayeR A new fresh hack is out for the PSP Go or any OFW 6.20 PSP, via PSP Filer 4.4 and with the help of the Half Byte Loader (HBL) we’re now able to access flash1 and hack the font’s of [...]


Uo Snes9x for PSP v0032 – Supports HBL Rev 85

Japanese coder Ruka has just released an update for uo_Snes9x, the Super Nintendo / Famicom emulaor for PSP. This is for you HBL users on PSP Go’s and PSP-3000’s (5.03+FW) as it now has added support for the HBL rev 0.85 recently released. Also sports [...]


Papaton 2 Exploit. HBL rev 0.85 released.

httpvhd:// We haven’t posted updates to the homebrew loader project, that is up intill now. As revision .085 is considered to be quite a stable release. So if you haven’t already, you can download the Papaton 2 demo, HBL exploit and hacked saved game and [...]


Sony releases Media Go version 1.40

Sony releases Media Go version 1.40

Sony has released Media Go version 1.40. Which most PSP Go users would be using, unless your still on 5.70 and only using the Half Byte Loader (HBL) to play some basic homebrew. This Media Go release features a new option, whereas you can download [...]


First Patapon 2 Save Game Exploit homebrew via Half Byte Loader Beta

First Patapon 2 Save Game Exploit homebrew via Half Byte Loader Beta

httpvhd:// The homebrew loader project has released a public beta which will allows 6.20 fw save data exploit users to load some homebrew games. When we say homebrew its just the basic low level homebrew games to start with. So no emulators, no advanced graphic [...]