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VHBL on Vita firmware 1.81

VHBL on Vita firmware 1.81

Hey guys,, I am now back and ready to catch up on what I missed, to start off I’m gonna apologise to those of you that missed out on key information due to me being ill over the last couple of weeks. I am now around 90% [...]


GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 110507 signed released!

  The Gameboy Advance emulator for PSP based on gPSP and gPSP kai source code has been updated by the anonymous Japanese coder. PSP Slim Hacks User & Team Member flofrucht signed it for us, but the real Coder is a anonymous Japanese coder as we [...]


GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 100429 (April 29th 2010 build)

Its been a while since we have seen up update to Takka’s unofficial gpSP GBA emulator. The last release was out 11th Feb, today’s release is much like the last one with no official changelog as such. If its anything to go by the last [...]


GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 100211 (Feb 11 2010 build)

More PSP emulator goodness via Japanese PSP Developer Takka. He has just released gpSP-J 100211 (Feb 11 2010 build) The latest tweak and bug fix build of his unofficial and now alpha gpSP-J which emulates the Gameboy Advance (GBA). While there are many versions of [...]


[Release] MasterBoy V2.05 GB, GB color, GameGear and Master System emulator

Brunni’s Masterboy is back from the dead. As Genesis vids has taken over from Brunni’s work. He’s released an update to the Gameboy, GB color, Game Gear and Master System emulator. Were glad to see Genesis Vids has picked up and fixed the current issues [...]


GBA Emulator: UO gpsp kai 3.4 test 3

PSP Developer Takka has released another update to to his famous unofficial UO gpsp kai GBA Emulator for PSP. We hope Takka continues to tweak and improve the best Gameboy Advance emulator out there. Not many changes in this latest version. added a zoom feature [...]


UO 3.4 test 1 build 69 gpsp kai GBA Emulator

PSP Developer Takka has today released an up to to his famous unofficial UO gpsp kai GBA Emulator for PSP. While his release blog is in Japanese we have gathered the following from the changelog. * Changed the main font and subfont * Added missing [...]