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Game Categories Lite 1.4 Released

What is Game Categories Lite ? This is a handy plugin that allows you to categorize your games,homebrews and PS1 games into folders that are visible from Game->Memory Stick. How to install ? Unzip the archive and paste the SEPLUGINS folder in the memory stick root [...]


Game Categories Lite 1.2 (Multi MS for 6.XX)

  Codestation has released a nice plugin called, Game Categories Lite, now is v1.2. This plugin is based on the same source code from Game Categories Revised v12 and Game Categories Light 1.3 which made by Bubbletune, and now compatible with both 6.20 & 6.3X [...]


Game Categories Light for 6.38/6.39

Neur0n has updated Game Categories Light. It supports now Custom Firmware 6.38 ME and Custom Firmware 6.39 ME / 6.39 TN-A (HEN), so everyone with the latest CFW should be supported. Just remember to create a sub folders in PSP/GAME and place your homebrew inside [...]


Game Categories Light for 6.35 PRO and 6.37 ME Custom Firmware

Neur0n has updated the popular Game Categories plug-in by Bubbletune to support his 6.35 PRO and 6.37 ME firmwares. He has also included the source code. Game Categories Light features: Adds a new option called ‘By Category’ to your ‘Group Content’ menu. Adds the ‘By [...]


Game Categories Light v1.2 for 6.20 TN-A Released *UPDATED AGAIN*

UPDATE #2: Bubbletune has released Game Categories Light v1.2b to fix issues brought on in v1.2 (changelog has been updated below). He has stated that he will fix the issues completely when he has more time to dedicate to the project. A download link for [...]


Game Categories light 1.1 for 6.20 TN HEN

BubbleTune is back, and he brings us the first working 6.20 TN-A (HEN) Plug-in in the forum of Game Categories light 1.1. Most of you would know his plug-in. I use  it, many of us do. Its great for organizing your homebrew apps and games [...]


HomeBrew Sorter GUI beta 3

Slightly annoyed with a bug present in Homebrew Sorter GUI beta 2, suloku has reworked homebrew sorter GUI beta 2 source by Valentin and fixed the 1.50 hb crash bug. Which he thinks was caused when the application was trying to load the icon from [...]


Game Categories v12

Bubbletune has released Game Categories v12, this version focuses on a number of bug fixes further increasing the programs stability. If your new to Game Categories, this awesome little plug-in sorts your homebrew apps and games exactly how you want them. Just check out the [...]


Game Categories v11 *Updated*

One of our favourite plugs-ins, Game Categories got a update today. Game Categories V10 adds a update feature to the plug-in under Network Update. You now have an Update Game Categories option. Plus there are a few much needed bug fixes for the Content Browser [...]


Game Categories v9 – New Content Browser Mode

We hope you had a good Halloween night. Anyway Bubbletune has released Game Categories v9, this awesome little plug-in has a new feature. As demonstrated in the video above it now features a Content Browser mode which displays the eboots and ISO’s as logo’s. Its [...]


Game Categories v8 Released

Bubbletune is back with his handy little Game Categories prx plug-in. If you unsure exactly what this plug is all about just check the above video. Its the custom firmware enabled PSP owners perfect plug in. Organize + Categorize your homebrew, ISO, PSX and Emulator [...]