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FuSa SD v1.0.50b – Full screen & Full speed TV out

You remember FuSa? OldPrisoneR & Andy_maN’s full screen TV out project. Well its been a while since we have posted FuSa news. Well since FuSa v1.0.50b is out and promises full screen and full speed TV out (PSP-2000′s) its defiantly worth a look again. Changlelog: [...]


FuSa Build 47 Out

Andy_maN and OldPrisoneR have released an update to FuSa, now upto build 47 of FuSA which features new SpeeDBooster support for  PSX titles plus and the ability to alter the screen position. FuSa is a custom firmware plugin that lets PSP Slim owners play games [...]


Next FuSa build to feature PS1 fullscreen TV out

OldPrisoneR has been working on a new build for FuSA and that there is now added support for PS1 games. So soon you’ll be able to enjoy that PS1 game in full screen. OldPrisoneR is on his vacation at present time, however he continues work [...]


FuSa Build 45 video – True fullscreen

Here’s a quick video for those that haven’t seen or tried out FuSa build 45 yet. As you can see the output is now full screen with no boarders present. No its not the video, Crisis Core does run a little slower as you can [...]


FuSa build 45 released

Andy_maN and OldPrisoneR have released a new build of FuSa, now it comes with Multi language support and full screen mode 2 – This time its real full screen, so you can say goodbye borders (and hello slowdown?) To try and reduce the slowdown there [...]


FuSa 1.0 Build 41 Released

Liking that FuSa TV-out support and full screen on any cable? Well your going to like it just that little bit more as Andy_maN and OldPrisoneR have released build 41 of FuSa. Which has quite a few important bug fixes, like crashing on exit (Now [...]


FuSa 1.0 Build 32 Released

FuSa 1.0 Build 32 has been released. This homebrew plug-in by OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN’s uses the PSP Slim’s TV out support and allows you to use any cable! Composite, component, s-video, d-terminal, and at full screen. FuSa 1.0 Build 32: * Full GTA games series [...]