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Custom Firmware 6.00 M33 – No plans for CFW 6.00 M33

For those of you that have already posted and suggested there might be Custom Firmware 6.00 M33 on the way, will be slightly disappointed. As Alek, the admin of has posted that CFW 6.00 M33 isn’t planned and not to ask for it. Quoting [...]

49 Dark_AleX is not leaving the PSP Scene

Alek, the forum admin of has set the record straight on their PSPWiki site. That Dark_AleX is not leaving us and quitting the PSP Scene. Also that the forums were closed due to costs. Not for other rumored reasons. Quoting Alek’s post: This [...]

36 Forum closes its doors.

Sad to see, but the administrator Alek of the forums has decided for the better. To close the forums, after a year of service to the PSP community. Its sad to see, I certainly hope Dark Alex hasn’t quit for good either, as some [...]


Despertar del Cementerio v8 Mod by Red Bull PSP

Team Red Bull PSP have released a version of Dark_AleX’s Despertar del Cementerio. Their modified Despertar del Cementerio v8 Mod allows users to install complete Custom Firmware, like 5.50 GEN-A or 5.50 MHU. As well as install 4.01 M33 and emulate Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 [...]


Despertar del Cementerio v8 released

Dark_AleX has updated his Despertar del Cementerio tool to version 8. This will now allow users to create MMS sticks that go directly to 5.00 M33-4, which appears to be the only change from DCv7. Note that this will NOT work with PSP-3000 models and [...]