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PSP Custom Firmware 4.01 M33 Released

Dark_AleX has released PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33. This new custom firmware edition from DAX brings 4.01 kernel support and features from firmware 4.01, multi language recovery support and many minor bug fixes. Custom Firmware 4.01 M33 does not have a XMB recovery menu or [...]


Custom Firmware 4.00 M33 – Update from DAX

Dark_AleX has updated his blog in regards to all the questions he is receiving about 4.00 M33 custom firmware. Rather than rephrase it, here’s what Dark_AleX has to say about 4.00 M33: Just a little update. Watching how many people were asking for 4.00m33, it’s [...]


Despertar v5 released

Small changes I guess, still newsworthy however. - Now installs 3.90 M33-3 instead of 3.80 M33-5 – Integration with timemachine in case it is installed. Source: Alek’s Blog


Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3 Released

Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3 Released! DAX has released a small update to 3.90 M33. Improving the compatibility of the M33 no-umd driver. This can be downloaded and updated from your PSP, using the Network Update feature. Or use the download link below. * March33 NO-UMD [...]


TimeMachine v0.1, 1.5 Kernel On PSP Slim

Dark_AleX has release TimeMachine. Its a homebrew application that allows users to load previous firmware releases from the memory stick using Pandora. From Dax’s readme: The Timemachine is a program to load previous firmwares and custom firmwares from memory stick using pandora. Like devhook, but [...]


3.90 M33-2 Released!

Dark~Alex has just released his new firmware: 3.90 M33-2! Here’s the changelog: Changes: – Improvements in plugins loading code: * Fixed some problems with problematic cards due to filesystem not mounted. * Now plugins should read the faster. * Problem fixed with lines with spaces [...]


1.50 Kernel Add-on v2 for 3.90 M33

Dark_AleX has released an update to his 3.90 M33, 1.50 kernel add-on for Fat PSPs. This update now supports memory sticks greater than 4GB in size running the 1.5 kernel and also this fixes a display bug that affected TA-86 motherboards. Installation: Copy the “150k_installer” [...]


Custom Firmware 3.90 M33

Dark_AleX has released PSP Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 to the world. This new firmware bring a major feature on board, Skype for the PSP. Finally its here. (Confirmed this works well, Skype calls sound just as good as on the PC) Instructions – Copy the [...]