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Game Categories Light v1.3 by Bubbletune

Bubbletune has updated his Game Categories Light plug-in to now support 6.3X kernel’s. So that should cover everyone now on the latest CFW. Remember this is a cool app and easy to use. Just create sub folders in PSP/GAME and place your homebrew inside em. [...]


Game Categories Light v1.2 for 6.20 TN-A Released *UPDATED AGAIN*

UPDATE #2: Bubbletune has released Game Categories Light v1.2b to fix issues brought on in v1.2 (changelog has been updated below). He has stated that he will fix the issues completely when he has more time to dedicate to the project. A download link for [...]


Game Categories light 1.1 for 6.20 TN HEN

Game Categories light 1.1 for 6.20 TN HEN

BubbleTune is back, and he brings us the first working 6.20 TN-A (HEN) Plug-in in the forum of Game Categories light 1.1. Most of you would know his plug-in. I use  it, many of us do. Its great for organizing your homebrew apps and games [...]