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Custom Firmware 6.35 V21 from Neur0n

Alooooot of Custom Firmware releases as of late. Remember we had that dry patch without CFW releases for a long time till GEN CFW’s were released. Well its raining CFW these days. Keeping up with the weekly updates Neur0n has released Custom Firmware 6.35. If [...]


6.37 ME-8 and 6.35 Custom v20 CFW updates from Neur0n

Seriously this guy never stops! All good, as Neur0n has released v19 v20 of his 6.35 Custom Firmware and an update for 6.37 ME. Grab the latest downloads below… What’s new? Well driver updates and an added network update feature. Neur0n has another set of [...]


6.37 ME-6 and 6.35 Custom v17 CFW updates from Neur0n

The updates just keep on rolling from Neur0n’s as he updates both his 6.35 Custom Firmware and 6.37 ME Custom Firmwares. First up is 6.35 Custom v17, which adds a format flash0 and flash1 option and fixes a bug in the VSH menu. Remember this [...]


6.35 Custom Firmware V16. Converted PSX game support

March 5th: Another update from Neur0n, 6.35 Custom Firmware v16 released. Fixes multi-disk PSX support. Updated 3th March. 6.35  Custom Firmware v15 released. Adds converted PSX support, so all PSX titles should be working now. v15 — Converted PS1 support. — Supports the categorization in [...]


6.35 Custom Beta 4, a PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware *Update #2*

6.35 Custom Beta 4, a PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware *Update #2*

Ok firstly a big fat warning on this one. This only for PSP-2000’s that are fully hackable. Ones that you can use a Pandora battery on because this is a beta CFW and it could just brick! neur0n has just released Custom 6.35, which is [...]