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6.20 TN-E Permanent Patch *Update: v2*

6.20 TN-E Permanent Patch *Update: v2*

  PSP Coder Frostegater releases a patch that applies permanent mode to 6.20 TN-E by Total_Noob, so this will install you the 6.20 TN-E (HEN) into internal flash and every reboot the Homebrew enabler will be installed automatically into your internal flash. Warning: There have [...]


6.20 TN-E (HEN) Released.

Total_Noob has released 6.20 TN-E (HEN) this version is so much more than the other releases. Like the other 6.xx CFW’s this one adds everything else you would expect from TN. There is no perm patch yet on this one. The changelog is below and [...]


6.20 TN-E Coming soon, will add new features

Update: 6.20 TN-E Released! Total_Noob isn’t done yet it seems. Just as well, in a recent interview with Wololo. Total_Noob talks a bit about when he came into the PSP scene and his work on his TN HEN. In one part of the interview he [...]