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6.38 TN-A Proof of concept video

httpv:// Here is video proof of Total_Noob’s 6.38 TN-A kernel exploit. Its 6.20 TN-E ported over to firmware 6.38. HacKmaN has posted this youtube video and again he comments it won’t be released. His comment is below. And yeah its looks as if the scene [...]


LEDA .01 – Legacy Software Loader for 5.00 M33

Dark_AleX has released LEDA .01, this is a Legacy Software Loader which allows 1.5 kernal to be loaded without having to be installed each time there is a new version of M33. Very handy, it even works on PSP Slim units! Since this is a [...]


1.50 Kernel add-on for 5.00 M33

Dark_AleX has released his 1.50 kernel add-on for older PSP “fat” units (PSP-1000’s) that are running 5.00 M33. This update allows PSP fat users to run older 1.50 kernel homebrew. For this update you’ll need to download firmware 1.50 which can be found here Source: [...]