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Prometheus-3 (v2) for CFW 5.00 M33. 6.31 OFW Games on 5.00 M33

Update: Custom Firmware 5.00 Prometheus-3 (v2) has just been released by liquidzigong to fix the booting back to the XMB issue. Being a simultaneous release Liquidzigong has a version of Prometheus-3 for you die-hard 5.00 M33 users. Like the 5.03 and 5.50 Prometheus-3 releases. Custom [...]


PSPCipher: A PRX Decryptor that can decrypt game patches

Still patching and decrypting eboot.pbp’s? Still having issues with your latest games that have patches? Well we got another one for you to try. PSPCipher is another one of Liquidzigong creations. He made also made Prometheus for 5.00m33 and 5.50 GEN. Well this is another [...]