Super Nintendo / SNES Emulator snes9xTYL MECM 091011-3


Its been a while, I believe over a year since we have had an update to Snes9xTYL, the Super Famicom (NTSC) / Super Nintendo (PAL) emulator for PSP. This emulator lets you play your classic SNES games, fully accelerated on your PSP via the PSP CPU/GPU and media engine.

While the change log is small, lets say its still great to see speed improvements and bugfixes. Time to break out some good old SNES games like Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy 3, Pilot Wings, Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, F-Zero and Super Mario World 2 etc etc…Ah the memories

Snes9xTYL MECM 091011-3 (version 10-11-09 release 3) change log:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved emulation speed

If your computer can display Japanese text correctly maybe you can translate the release text?

Download: SNES Emulator snes9xTYL MECM 091011-3
(SNES Emulator snes9xTYL MECM 091011-3 - 946.3 KiB - 36,637 Hits)

Here’s some screen shots I took while giving it a quick test run:

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  • Xena

    1 comment :)

  • PSPFan

    I’ll post a video of it on YouTube later today :)

    • Slyvictim

      Is English your first language?

  • tugaPT

    please tell me the name of the game in image.

    • MetaliumSP

      Final Fight 3

    • Hani

      Final Fight 3
      Mario Kart
      Secret of Mana
      this the three games that are displayed in the screenshots

    • usernamegeneric

      depends.. are you gonna fap to it?

  • UnremarkableBoy

    Does this one support multiplayer? I remember that snes9xTYL ME had trouble with it.

    • PSPFan

      Yes it has netplay mode.

  • Jamilbadman

    wots the difference?

  • Crevox

    Bug responsible and can not have happened.
    / / Me if so please use the unstable version EBOOT.PBP.user.

    – Speed up
    , For large SRAM
    Was easier to see, high-res
    Test5ver · adhoc is only available
    Known bugs:
    Common · ME USER
    Graphics mode, the home button will stop working. Case L + Start Menu button to change or configure
    · ME only
    Clock, sleep & can not be changed. > Me to the solution for unknown fw3.xx

    • Kagemaru

      wait… what?

  • Volt7x

    I’m glad development for SNES emulation on PSP isn’t dead. I guess it was just a long hiatus?
    Maybe some of those games that always crashed or were unplayable work now.

  • lawrencethomas3

    Okay, so is this the next release after the Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 mecm test5 version?

    In a somewhat related question, those of you using ChickHEN +CFW Enabler 3.60, do you experience long saves using the save state option in these SNES emulators? It makes using the Autosave feature unthinkable with 20 second pauses while saving.

  • Altair


  • novacane

    i tryed the earlyer version for the first time yesterday and figured id wait till there was an update to play the oldschool you say its been a year since the last update …i lucked out on that one . thank you for the wicked emulator keep up the good work psp is now 20% better

  • Butsent

    Cool, I love this emulator. Couldn’t play lttP on it though. Off topic however, I bought a Psp-3000 and managed to get CFWEnabler on it, so Im very happy.

  • Kagemaru

    Anyone know if this will run Final Fantasy 3 (Vi)? i tried like just 2 days ago with the last release and it wouldnt even load it.

    • usernamegeneric

      where’d you get the rom?
      it plays fine for me.

      • Kagemaru

        umm… i dont remember, but i just used the same rom and it worked, although kinda laggy when loading battles…

    • PSPFan

      Just see the youtube video I posted (Second half), FFIII Runs fine. However a little music lag in the fight scenes. I recommend the GBA FF3 version, more playable and has some extras too

      • Kagemaru

        i just have some minor lag in loading battles, nothing that stops the clock or anything, couple seconds hang time. but i like the original snes version of FF6, the gba version bugs me for some reason, and i really really hate that font.

      • Kagemaru

        you know, thinking about it, it might just be my psp/memory stick, the stick isnt sony brand, and i have an OLD psp, been through a lot, and already has some load time issues

  • Butsent

    You posted at the exact same time as me ^.

  • demonolith

    You guys testing this have to make sure you’re using the right settings in order to get the most out of the emulator.

    Video->Engine-> PSP accel + approx soft
    Misc-> Clockspeed-> 333Mhz
    Misc->Hack Debug Menu-> Ingore Palette Writes: On

    Set those as your default settings, and whenever you load a game use the Square button instead of Circle to load the game with those settings. Makes a lot of games more playable. Some games like Kirby Super Stars and Star Fox are still slow, however

    • PSPFan

      Thanks for the settings, I always set it to 333Mhz too. Default is 300Mhz.

      • demonolith

        No problem. It helps alot of games tremendously. Castlevania Dracula X is incredibly laggy when playing with the normal settings. However when you use the settings I showed, it becomes perfectly playable with no lag whatsoever

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  • Altair

    edited gameboots and coldboots rock! XD

  • Neil

    Smash TV now has bad hiccups that weren’t there before. :(

  • SpAM_CAN


    Why no Super Metroid love, man?

    • mDS64

      It worked on the last revision-so it’ll work on this I assume :)

      • SpAM_CAN

        I was talking about the article xD

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  • PSP-2010

    gonna test it soon. The last version is laggy, But atleast this emu exists!

  • vampiresnake

    can some one tell me how to use this . i cant read readme file .

    • Angelo

      Just extract it to your PSP\Games\ folder and put the roms in the same folder. ;)

  • SilverSight1

    Thanks, runs great on default settings too.

  • PSP-2010

    Dragon: Bruce Lee story runs waattaaa….i mean waaaaay better.

  • Angelo

    Runs great, only thing I’m missing is a save state & load state hotkey! Further more I LOVE this! :D Thanks for posting <3

  • deityofanime

    But will it run Starfox?…

    • demonolith

      no, it’s been determined that there are no significant differences between this and the Test 5 Version

  • Blaze627

    I’m not sure anyone will care, but I tested out TMNT IV: Turtles in Time with the settings demonolith recommended and, it works flawlessly now. Stage 7 in the game used Mode 7 effects and lagged on that stage, but with the right settings on this update, it works great! I’m glad somebody revived interest in the SNES emulator again!

    • Neil

      Ok, couple things. 1) There is no renderer setting that’s ideal for all games. It’s best to experiment in each game (settings are auto-saved per game), starting with the software renderers as they’re easier on your battery. 2) The clock frequency setting doesn’t work, so any difference you see is a placebo effect :)

    • Neil

      lol, I didn’t actually hit reply on your specific comment, but somehow it ended up that way

  • voodooman

    It is nice to see all of these releases good work to the teams that are bringing us all the new releases but it would be nice to see some sort of a break through for the curesd TA-88v3 running ofw above 5.03 We will just have to wait and see big things are coming…….

  • nickfurry

    One year and the damn thing still slow. Games like Donkey Kong Country are still playing in slow motion. Plus evrytime u play a game that future a big buss or something in those turns even the fast game suddenly they can go from fast to very slow to play with.

  • Kagemaru

    I think im going to praise the day the TA-88v3 Mobo’s are hacked simply because im SO tired of all these kids complaining about not having a hackable 3k…. PSP 1000 ftw.

  • PSP-2010

    it may still be slow nickfury, But atleast the god damn thing exists!

  • aznayaka

    I take no responsibility on any bug you get.
    //If you think Me version seems unstable use the EBOOT.PBP.user.

    Increase speed
    Compatible for large SRAM
    Made the Hi Res clear
    For adhoc, only test5ver compatible.

    Known Bugs
    Home button doesn’t work in graphic mode. If that happens press L and start or go to key config and change the menu button.
    ME user.
    Sleep and Clock cannot be changed. > Due to Me is for fw3.xx solution are still unknown

  • voodooman

    kagemaru I agree with you on that one I have 3 psp systems the 1000s 2000s and the 3000s I still have to say my mast fav is the 1000s there are to many kids complaining about they cant do anything with their later model 2000s and 3000s but think back as to how long it took before the 1000s was fully hackable perfection takes time and these noobs out here need to be patient I will tell everybody look into Ultimakillaz tutorial on installing cfw on any model psp it is the bible of cfw for the psp but the noobs still ask the same questions and make the same complaint……..well time will tell…..

  • PSP-2010

    Something strange happened….loaded Killer Instinct first match was FAST and smooth! i was like yeah! wicked improvement, but second match it went back to its old ways. It slow again, i don’t know what happened but i guess it was a bug of some sort. A cool bug lol.

  • dermoptera

    You guy’s are the shiznit!!! Thanks, Link to the past is now running flawlessley with no audio bugs! btw, what is the game on the top center set of pics above???

    • dermoptera

      ***FIX***Botom center 8P

  • PSPMadness

    No roms folder or anything? nice job, How is this good for noobs?

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  • Victus007

    exit this emilator and restart my psp 3010 pro-b10

    • nnn


      • victus007

        exit the emulator and restart automatic and only off my console, is say, frezee