Sony to make PSP Phone, PSPGo style powered by Android 3.0!


Mock up of what a Sony PSP Phone could look like?

An exclusive from Engadet tells us that Sony-Ericsson is infact working on a PSP / Phone hybrid, which will be a PSP Go style slider with Playstation controls. With a 3.7 or 4″ touch screen. Its going to also be based on the up and coming Android 3 platform. Its said to be like a Samsung Galaxy S and PSP Go combo. Which is great, lets hope Sony get hold of that Super AMOLED screen tech from Samsung as its the best mobile screens out there.

We have heard the rumors for a long time that Sony wanted to break into the mobile market with Playstation Gaming. Well finally its happening. And I’m all for it, as an Android user and Galaxy S owner myself, the system has the power. We even have a PSX emulators that run PSX games just fine on Android. However there is one fatal flaw when it comes to gaming on all phones. While online touch screen controls might work fine, its just not the same. And I know first hand, I find the touch screen controls unconfortable and just wish I had an anlog stick or two with some decent hardware buttons. Sony can fill that gap and they will…

If done correctly Sony could make one hell of a system. Just image an Android 3 power smartphone, with a 5mp or 8mp camera with 720p video LED Flash. Bluetooth 3, Wifi N, and online stores for both Android apps and Playstation games.. All in a nice 3.7-4″ touch screen package you got a winner!

I have been dreaming of such a combo for a long time and finally its coming, what are your thoughts? Would you get one? Below is the some of the source quoted from Engadet.

Here’s what we can tell you about the hardware: if you’re a gaming fan, this is exactly the kind of phone you’ve been waiting for. The device is described as cross between the Samsung Captivate and the PSP Go — in other words, it’s a landscape slider with game controls in place of the typical QWERTY keyboard. The D-pad is here, but instead of the small joystick, the device will have what was described as a “long touch pad” for analog controls, along with standard PSP buttons and shoulder buttons. The phone has a large display, described as being between 3.7 and 4.1 inches with WVGA or better resolution, a 5 megapixel camera that we’re told might not be final, and it’ll likely have a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU on board. The phone is mostly black with some silver highlights, and the gamepad area is white / silver in color. Apparently it’s currently branded as a Xperia device, but it looks like it will carry PlayStation branding as well. Those who’ve seen the phone say it looks “pretty damn sexy.” The mockup above probably doesn’t do the actual hardware justice, but it should give you an idea of what you’ll be dealing with.

On the software side, it looks like the device will be running Gingerbread (Android 3.0) with a phone-specific skin, and there will be a new area of the Android Market specifically for the games. That content will be initially accessible only by the halo device, but from the sounds of things, these titles might be made available to other Android phones if their specs and button layouts meet requirements. Games will be graphically in the range of PSX or PSP games, meaning true 3D gaming is headed to Android. Titles currently being shown off seem to be focused around some older PSX as well as new PSP offerings, with God of War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and LittleBigPlanet possibly on tap, and future plans for titles which incorporate augmented reality features.

In terms of release, it’s possible that the phone and ecosystem could be introduced as early as October of this year, but we have yet to confirm.

Source: Engadet

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  1. timboy67678 says:

    i want one, looks SEXY

  2. PSPFan says:

    That image is just a mock up. But I’m all for this if they do it correctly it will be awesome. I have been dreaming of a Android / PSP combo for a long time. Finally its coming…As early as October? It makes me thing this could be the next PSP, later a PSP2. So Sony cover both the mobile gaming market and portable. Smart move.

    • RNB_PSP says:

      the only thing that somewhat blocks sony from covering the portable gaming market is piracy.

    • adeeb458 says:

      It would be more awesome if they will be using Snapdragon’s upcoming dual core mobile processor. just to think about it makes my spine shiver…………..pure awesomeness……….I will surely buy it.

      • adeeb458 says:

        but I have small doubts about battery consumption

      • no one says:

        …hehe you say this now…remember how people were drooling over the psp 1000..and look how that turned out….missing 1 analogue stick (meaning really abstract games to adapt to the lack of an analogue stick), having a problem with piracy (considering that the psp 1000 was almost “built” for piracy – look in the “original” instruction manual)…half of the total released games are half decent, if they ever release them in english…im just saying, it may “appear” to be awesome now, it may infact be half of what it claims to be…

  3. lemonsatan says:

    It looks really good, I like it, but my main concern is that this could have the same result as the N-Gage. I hope it it can really convince the market, unlike Nokia.

    • PSPFan says:

      I don’t think so, the NGage (Both models) were so damn ugly and Nokia is famous for releasing underpowered hardware. So would learn from Nokia’s mistakes and hopefully give it a decent spec. With a nice backlog of games to choose from.

  4. Lalakoboldslayer says:

    I really doubt it will sell well.

    You know, even though PSP is much more powerfull than DS, DS still sells more, there are too much nintendo fanboys on the world.

    • RNB_PSP says:

      its not about fanboyism.. just compare the list of titles available on the ds vs the titles available for the psp.. list of titles for the ds is better… just the titles… but when it comes to gameplay, the psp wins… well it might be fanboyism but not for the system but for the game titles available for the system.. :D

  5. BuNKiTZ says:

    wow. that loo–, err, sounds, great. Maybe i should get one, hahaha. My phones been the same for almost 5 years :P
    I wouldn’t really care about the games, as long as it’s a great phone with a great camera, then I’ll want to get one, hehe :D

  6. Gamble_STARS says:

    This looks nice…longstrip for dual analog..nice…hopefully if there is online gaming, hacking should be less because the phone company and game dev is going to monitoring activity, hacking on a 3G or 4G network is slim to none….especially Verizon’s.

  7. d33eniz says:

    Don’t have such hopes :] I mean, they could f*ck it again, if I think about the PSP GO!(NO!). Imagine, they f*ck it up again.
    Ok, enough bad toughts :P Might be cool, but let’s wait a little bit longer…

  8. THE CHAMP says:

    If sony makes this, IPHONE will be a piece of sh** compared to this !

  9. rdycrz says:

    If everything comes out great, Good system, and price, I’m going to be first in line.

  10. Abhi says:

    That’s a powerful system an iphone killer cant wait to get hold of it

  11. Gamble_STARS says:

    only thing bad is Android phones have sucky battery life when constantly using 3G, my moms gives her about 4 hours if she is constantly on the internet…..

  12. manobon says:

    Eh, I’d much rather prefer a PSP2 instead of a phone/PSP combo- it’s going to have to be contract based, it will be incredibly expensive if purchased unlocked (even more so than regular smartphones that Don’t have intense gaming in mind)…at the very least, it’s not what I want in a handheld gaming device.

    If the 3DS really comes with upfront-cost 3G connection (like the Kindle), and this is the only option coming from Sony, I’ll probably be sticking with the 3DS (and PSP 3000).

    …unless, of course, this thing functions incredibly well as a gaming device + phone, making it the first of its kind, Ever- to have something like Peace Walker on a phone. Let’s all hold our breath!

  13. DKnight2066 says:

    I’m all for a new PsP. But, does the world need “yet-another-damn-phone”?
    Seems everyone is getting into the phone market, just so the kiddies can have up-to-the-second updates on their Facebooks….

    I realize that turning the cell phone into a “toy” for the kiddies has yielded millions in profits from stupid parents buying them as status symbols for their children. But, can’t we go traditional for one minute and have a next-gen, mainstream, portable gaming console successor, to the PsP One?

    Dunno. When I want the internet, I sit on this computer. When I want to make a call, I pickup the phone. But when I game, I want a game system, not a phone programmed to play games with 3 extra buttons added on the side.

    At this point, with Sony farting around with various press releases about supposed new products, unless I see said next-gen game console in a store, in a box, ready to buy, then I’m not holding my breath.
    Heart palpitations over “vaporware” gets old real fast…

    Then again, the last time I saw a new Sony gaming product in stores, it was the PsPGO. No further comments on how worthless that was… /shrug


  14. kakashi says:

    ive as well been dreaming of this… psp phone has been rumored for so long and finally here we are!!!!! man the only thing im worried about is the pricing, and when they do realease this i wouldnt even want 2 hack it unlike my psp go >.>. this will be all phones as well as handhelds, lets just say this is a great replacement for the psp2/4000! by far!

  15. kakashi says:

    i completly feel what you are saying, but this would b the smartest thing for sony to do, (portable wise) this has been rumored 4ever, every one like u said iz in the get a phone phase, and all of us psp users complain about in some point the internet acess. now sony has eliminated tht as well as kept its gaming going as well as crushed the rumors and is now brining them to life think wat this will do for sony think at all the other cpmpanies who are looking at the new product thinking we gotta beat tht. think of what this will do for us the consumers. think of all the new systems we will obtain in da future.

  16. DKnight2066 says:

    “i completly feel what you are saying, but this would b the smartest thing for sony to do, (portable wise) this has been rumored 4ever, every one like u said iz in the get a phone phase”

    @Kakashi – My greatest concern right now is that Sony will make the official to the PsP One a hybrid phone/gaming system. Trick there is, with a phone, you have a monthly fee just to keep the thing operating. How will they handle that? I refuse to pay a monthly fee to keep a handheld gaming console running. Or will they just cut out the phone part of the system, if you choose not to pay the monthly fee? Even if that is the case, then why even bother with the phone part in the first place? I’d basically be paying extra initially for 50% of a product that I will never use (and or) am banned from using without ongoing fees.

    It’s circular problems like this that push me towards being against game console/phone hybrid systems. Keep the “iPhones” for the kids that can’t resist checking Facebook every 13.2 seconds. Just let gamers have a real portable gaming system they can call their own. – that’s my vote. :)


    • kakashi says:

      you make a great point once again… lets just hope sony/android/samsung find a way around the whole monthly plan. and hopefully realease 2 versions of the psp>phone one strictly for the gamers, or aka a psp2 and 1 as originally planned. do i think itll happen hell naw but we can dream cant we

  17. boludomx says:

    fake note that the part where the buttons are of course psp
    are the PSPgo is a nice mount but for me it is just that

    sorry but the kick google translation

  18. Gamble_STARS says:

    Well it would be nice if Sony Ericsson could release 2 versions:
    1.Non-contract device-Stil be able to download apps and perform other Android functions, but via wifi and of course less cost

    2. Contract device-the whole 9 yards, unlimited 3G data package

  19. SuperstarX64 says:

    Something like this would absolutely be a real killer… and with Android, goodbye to those stupid and useless exploits… lol :)

  20. Echochrome says:

    Anyone realize it is fake???? And it is exactly PSP go turn 90 degrees around???

  21. Doritoes says:

    “It’s a mock up… man seriously…”

    What could be better than a jailbeaked Iphone or even a Droid?

  22. pro-pumper says:

    woow! this looks really good…

  23. Orical says:

    Interesting, if anyone is at all interested go look at a few of my last posts….

    I’ll get this out now though, I told you so lmao.. I’m just messing around but I did call this one…

    • Noobhacker says:

      Haha when will cfw be released for this????….lol… Love the idea of this “pspPhone” but just imagine you playing a game on it and some one calls you…. It would be like playing the last mission of stalker and the power goes down or ur PC giving the blue screen of death… And further more there would be a hell of a lot more complications and sh..t. So I would rather be waiting for a psp2 than to be a little exited about this disaster of a concept….

      • SuperstarX64 says:

        LoL… I heard a rumor that someone found an exploit in the 3.5G menu… :D… But won’t release it yet… D…

  24. kieran says:

    sheesh looks nice but as you said its ust a mock up

  25. PSPFan says:

    OMFGWTFBBQ i cant login anymore!!???

  26. lenny says:

    if this will ever happen it will fuck google up android is a powerful OS that is open source and if sony erricson gets its hands on it they will tootally mess it up. one of my main concern is how is sony going to put up with rooting/hacking the phone android is like linux you could do anything to android as long as you root it and google will always leave a back door for rooting and soo on….sony and android are not meant to be but if this happens it will have a better screen i mean better and a faster prosserser (1ghz snapdragon prossesor) that could change and the android market with alot of apps but the psp updates will be a nitemare for them and android will be awsome android 2.2 already supports tethering hotspot check it out

  27. Jawn says:

    Jaw Drops to the Floor.

    no fricke’n way ! then it could Play PS2 ?
    i agree with buttons. i don’t like the idea of touch screen buttons.

    i dont gave a galxay S or Android. but if the next psp has the feature’s i’ll join.

  28. Wolfdawg says:

    I better not have to buy a phone plan!!!!! >:c

    besides, otoy might run on the PSP!!!!!
    otoy runs on a mobile phone and play crysis!!!!!
    otoy is not released yet, google it

  29. titan2ten says:

    As long as it has better graphics than the 3ds (which it probably wont seeing as it is a phone that or it will just cost a sh**load) and also has 2 analog nubs I will buy it

  30. shanicred says:

    hope it goes with a good carrier like sprint that has good and cheap plans especially unlimited plan hope this phone is 200 or less

    • lenny says:

      yea should go on sprint and the screen would either be super amoled if it was made from samsung or super lcd if it was htc lets see if sony ericson could get that screen

  31. lenny says:

    anyways android could get a skin over it its not going to be a vinalla stock android it will be somthing aelse idk what sony has in mind android had gooten skined b4 like htc sense and moto blur and an hp skin etc

  32. comk4ver says:

    @lenny: you’re completely right, look @ the droid x, it’s all ready rooted. Galaxy s, that means it’ll be on att’s network which means it’ll come with a bunch of bloatware. There’s always a way around just hope we have the patience for it. Plus, the hardware is a temporary problem look @ the motorola droid the specis say it’s a 500/600 mhz phone but with a kernal hack it can go up 1.2 GHZ if this psp phone is already @ 1 GHZ snapdragon that potentially means 1.8 GHZ. Battery life isn’t that much of an issue because there’s apps for that like battery life, advanced task killer, set cpu which tells the cpu when to lower itself to stop sucking all the battery, lowering the screen brightness etc. Always another way!

  33. Wolfdawg says:

    Im not going to buy this, a PSP is a PSP and a phone is a phone why mix that to gather? It took me long enough to buy a PSP!!! and I dont even need more then 30 minutes a month on the phone

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