SNES Emulator: SNES9X Euphoria R2.1



Here’s something to keep you all busy while you wait for 5.50 GEN-D,as Zack has released SNES9X Euphoria Release 2.1. This build further improves the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo emulator with a large amount of bugs fixed. Plus further speed improvements. I’ll say this is now the best SNES Emulator there is. Good work Zack and keep at it!

SNES9X Euphoria R2.1 Changelog:

[+] Bug where you couldn’t have more than 200 roms in the ROMS folder or the emulator would crash is now fixed. (I tested with 800 roms in there)

[+] Bug where the emulator would freeze then hard-power-off your PSP after trying to load more than 3 roms is now fixed. (I tried loading rom after rom at least 12 times with no issues)

[+] Bug where you couldn’t return to the menu after running a game is now fixed. (thank god lol)

[+] Bug where emulator would hard-power-off PSP when exiting rather than return to the Xmb is now fixed (both in file menu and main menu)

[+] Bug where the emulator wouldn’t start on Gen firmware fixed (tested by myself on 5.50GenC and Cmbeke on 5.50GenB)

[+] Possible minor speedups from code cleanup.

[+] Removed the intro screen for now. (will be configurable in the next build)

[+] Added the latest version of the snesadvance.dat file (Adds more speedhacks)

To get the best performance use the following settings:

Render : PSP Accelerated
Frameskip : 3 (frameskip @ 1 seems to be sufficient for most games to play at 60fps)

Source: DcEmu

Download: SNES9X Euphoria R2.1
(SNES9X Euphoria R2.1 - 1.9 MiB - 298,884 Hits)

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  1. PSP-2010 says:

    ok, time to test Killer Instinct! good one… Zack.

  2. luca0055 says:

    i have used the r1 version 2 days and i’ve got no problems i have 574 roms an nothing crashes

    custom firmware 5.50 gen for eva

  3. PSP-2010 says:

    574 roms! thats more like WTF!!

    • VGP12 says:

      Yeah you can find torrents that have every SNES game ever made in them I downloaded one myself and NO THAT’S NOT PIRATING YOU DONT NEED TO OWN THE GAME FIRST PEOPLE SNES GAMES ARE NO LONGER IN PRODUTION SO DEVELOPERS LOOSE NO MONEY WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD A ROM. Happy downloading!

  4. imdabom3695 says:

    SORRY THIS IS OFF-TOPIC……What is actually SWEET is that I just happened to put two images of Misa Campo onto my psp and now chickHEN works like 200% of times….I tried loading chickHEN 30 times and not a single crash…..If u dont know Misa Campo than ure missing out….google it!!!

  5. Lordchaotic says:

    Great more snes updates

  6. Casper88 says:

    I get an error reading memory stick every damn time I open it up, the update before last worked fine, I skipped the last one and this one won’t work for me.

    PSP2003 with Photofast CR-5400 with 2x 16gb SanDisk Micro SDHC, all I did was delete the DSstore files (I’m on a PC and thus have no use for them).

    This a bug in the new build already?

    • DuskyEclipse says:

      I had that happen too when I first loaded it up. When It dose that try pushing Tri a bunch of times till It gose back to the root of you memory stick. It loaded up for me after I did that, and it seems to work fine now eveytime I load it up.

    • luca00555 says:

      start the emulator then click on triangle then click with O on roms

      • Casper88 says:

        Cheers for the replies, after the third time I pressed triangle it found the root of my stick :)

        This version seems to have a loading time whenever I hit home to save/load states, think I might just go back to the release before last tbh.

      • Casper88 says:

        Plus it seems to run most of my games a lot slower :(

  7. SilverSight1 says:

    The only game I can of think of that needs to be set to 0 frameskip is Super Mario All-Stars. Any frame skip 1 or above will put a hurt on your eyes..

  8. Pendragoon says:

    Chrono Trigger still doesn’t work right in accelerated mode, none of the menu’s show up so you have to switch to one of the accelerated software modes, the problem with this release is that it now defaults to the normal accelerated mode every time you enter the emulator menu, this wasn’t an issue on the previous release.

    • derek.b.coffey says:

      Agreed with the above statement. It’s annoying how it defaults to accelerated mode, but otherwise fantastic :)

      • Pendragoon says:

        Yep, most games run full speed with frame skip set to 1 now, only a few require higher values or for it to be set to auto.

        Chrono Trigger
        PSP Accelerated with either soft option
        Frame Skip 1
        Can run in 222mhz mode with no real gameplay problems (menu runs a little slower, but it is slow no matter what)

        Super Metroid
        PSP Accelerated
        Frame Skip Auto (prevents disapearing sprite when you take damage)
        Runs near perfect.

        Final Fantasy 6 (3)
        PSP Accelerated
        Frame Skip 1
        Aside from the slowdown at the start of a battle it runs perfect.

        Tetris Attack
        PSP Accelerated with either soft option
        Frame Skip Auto
        Runs Jerky at 8fps but plays at full speed.

        Star Fox
        PSP Accelerated with either soft option
        Frame Skip Auto
        Ran at a playable speed, but still to slow to enjoy it.

        Still have more games to test, but I am waiting for the next version to fix the accellerated mode reset bug to do further testing, but most games were already near perfect with the first release anyway.

  9. UnremarkableBoy says:

    so… multiplayer adhoc support?

  10. PSP-2010 says:

    The new Euphoria Snes icon “pad” is not good…keep the dark with yellow text one. Change it!

  11. Casper88 says:

    After testing 5 roms on this build againt the snes9xTYL MECM 091011-3 build using the settings Demonolith suggested:
    (Video->Engine-> PSP accel + approx soft
    Misc-> Clockspeed-> 333Mhz
    Misc->Hack Debug Menu-> Ingore Palette Writes: On)

    Chrono Trigger ran a lot worse on the new release regardless of how much tweaking of the settings I did and had some graphics issues and games like Assault Suits Valken and Front Mission: Gun Hazard ran loooots slower, it may just be me but with the old build I had much better compatibility and it read off my memory stick really quickly instead of taking a while. Also with this new one whenever I’d hit the home button to go back to save/load states, tweak the settings or load a new game it had to load for a while with the new one whereas with the old one it would come up straight away… I think I’ll go back to the old version for now, but if Zack is gonna continue working on snes9x then fairplay to him, I look forward to any future updates.

  12. Neil says:

    I appreciate Zack’s efforts, but this emulator is all kinds of screwed up. I’ve only tried 3 roms, but 2 of them ran slower, and one had random horizontal black lines. And as people noted, it’s slow on the home button and likes to change your renderer to “PSP accelerated” for no reason. And why does it need frameskip = 1? Good old Snes9XTYL 4.2 Test 5 runs nearly all games at full speed with zero frameskip (other than F-Zero, Star Fox, etc.).

  13. x3x says:

    this version is aight not too bad, some game run 50 fps at some place it drop down to 30. Tested Tactic Ogre ealier and get 30 fps then my psp blackout and got stuck.

  14. demonolith says:

    I must say, this emulator is great.

    Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Pocky & Rocky 2, and Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run all run at full speed now.

  15. nickfurry says:

    there are so many buggs in here that it will take me the whole day to mention all of the. here are a few othose buggs and the game –

    1.stuck in a black screen after the first stage (Contra 3)
    2. Super castlevania 4 – The map not viewable after passing stages
    3. Super mario allstars tend to crash for no aparent reason
    many other buggs in many more games too much to list all of them

  16. skylinekid17 says:

    can someone please explain to me as to why some roms dont work? eg Pokemon Stadium. it works in the japanese format (which language I dont understand). the US format doesnt budge at all. is there a site for real working roms? Thanks.

    • demonolith says:

      Pokemon Stadium? I think you’ve got the wrong emulator. Pokemon Stadium is on the Nintendo 64. This is a Super Nintendo emulator

      • skylinekid17 says:

        wow i thought i was viewing daedalusx64. hahaha anyways this super nintendo emulator runs great. i have a problem though, i downloaded super mario world for this emulator. for some reason when i get to the level of the castle and run through it, the game freezes, stops and sends me right back to restart the level. did anyone have this sort of problem? its very weird. my other roms run fine.

  17. zyrtec_7 says:

    To many bugs in this fix.
    home menus takes to long to respond
    refresh rate is super slow
    and many games mess up
    kudos on the trying though. im not skilled enough to make these
    but keep them coming till the ultimate one is out and finished

  18. PSP-2010 says:

    The stable version..once it’s released should be named as PSPnes9X

  19. deflater says:

    Keep up the great work Zack your efforts are not in vein. I for one am very happy with your work and appreciate it very much. So for all the trolls who just want to bitch and not contribute stfu and learn to code..

  20. aqualaguna says:

    i cant even get it to start on my psp, it just keep bouncing back to my psp home screen,what is wrong?
    i tried putting it in game and game 150 folder, it does show in my psp but it won’t start, i tried putting it in game 340 game 352 game 380 and it didnt even show in my psp..please help me out someone..thanks
    im using a fat psp with custom firmware 5.50 gen B btw,thanks

  21. roldan862000 says:

    guys have u tried to play game with netplay?????
    i cant get it to work eh….
    any help??

  22. megamanx41 says:

    This version is good, but what’s with the loading in the menu??? I never had that problem with previous ones.

  23. BOBCAMO says:

    hope this isn’t wrong… but isn’t there SNES, NES, SEGA, NEOGEO psp emulator’s that can be played online??? cause i would love to play some of my emulator games online with who ever including psp users and PC users, but one or the other would be fine :D

  24. roldan862000 says:

    ive download s9xTYLmecm 091117
    net play works great
    no more lags especially the loading menu when pressing home button

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  28. Ass14536 says:

    game genie and par codes dont work.

  29. theflea024 says:

    now is this one going to ask me if i want to exit it right when i launch it like r5 does?