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Just when you thought it was safe to put away your games and return to the world of brain rotting games, Sony have announced they have a new games for the Vita.

is that such game, this exciting new game will test your brain in 20 different ways each with varying difficulties. Produced by XDev Europe, will push your brain to the max using all of Vita’s hardware features including front and rear camera’s, touch and Augmented Reality. The games also uses your location to add in regional “” challenges.

As ever with these games you will find that they work best when you use the daily training  routines, featuring 5 different area’s of training.

  1. Fun
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Logic
  4. Language

One of the exciting new features is really something that trains your brain, instead it will enable you to brag to your mates that you are in fact, after years of telling them so, clever than them. But the bragging factor does not stop there, you can compare your results against your local area, your city, your whole country, and yes you guessed it, the whole world. You can even share your results on Facebook.

This game will appear on shelves in the Fall.


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