SKFU works on the Vita


You all may remember SKFU from his work done with the PS3 but he’s after the PS Vita now and hes got some things done that will bring more shine to the PS Vita scene.  Last week, after a long period of silence, SKFU came back with some details on the installation paths of common applications on the Vita. You’ll be happy to learn that, for example, the “Near” application apparently is stored in vs0:/app/NPXS10000/eboot.bin. But I know some of you are thinking “Thats great…in all but why do i care about where the “Near” application Is stored?” The thing Is With SKFU Knowing where this information Is, means that he probably has a new exploit found and has kept It secret, but only time will tell.

Great things to come from SKFU. Below are examples of the paths found by SKFU

  • SceShell       vs0:vsh/shell/shell.self
  • SceWebBrowser vs0:/app/NPXS10003/eboot.bin
  • SceWebCore     vs0:/app/NPXS10017/eboot.bin
  • SceParty(?)   vs0:/app/NPXS10001/eboot.bin
  • SceNear       vs0:/app/NPXS10000/eboot.bin
  • SceFriendsApp vs0:/app/NPXS10006/eboot.bin
  • ScePsnMail     vs0:/app/NPXS10014/eboot.bin
  • SceTrophy     vs0:/app/NPXS10008/eboot.bin




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  1. Kordell Washington says:

    Holy fuck….

  2. Halo Freak says:

    Glad to see we have some pretty pro hackers working on the Vita. Looking forward to hearing more about SKFU ‘s progress.

  3. Rey says:

    A new challenger!