Signed 6.35 Pro (HEN) Released! Run 6.35 Pro HEN from the XMB!


We have been watching Liquidigong’s twitter with interest and today Liquidigong released a signed 6.35 PRO HEN. Just one day after reporting he had signed the 6.35 HEN he has posted it for download only an hour ago from posting this.

This 6.35 PRO HEN can be run straight from the XMB menu on Original Firmware 6.35. So you bypass the Minna no Sukkiri demo exploit. No need to load tHBL first and then the HEN. Its much quicker this way.


Create a folder called 635PROHEN and place this eboot into it. Then move that folder with the eboot to the following location depending on your PSP model:




Download: Signed 6.35 Pro (HEN)
(Signed 6.35 Pro (HEN) - 5.3 MiB - 57,956 Hits)

Update: Tested on my PSP Go, it works! :) Tested on my PSP-2000 TA85 OFW 6.35 working too. (But I had to disable UMD caching first!)

Thanks Psykes for the info!

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  1. Peter Parker says:

    PHAT PSP 1001 – official firmware 6.60 – no pandora battery no magicstick will this work for me?

  2. Kobebryanuy24 says:

    why doesn’t it work on mine? it says this game cannot be started. the data is corrupted? please help asap

  3. Rj_ozneitam says:

    this is new ryt? is this have any problem?

  4. Rj_ozneitam says:

    this is new ryt? is this have any problem?

  5. John says:

    hey buddys 
    i have psp 6.35.i hacked my psp with this website

  6. Ganesh says:

    how to download pro hen

  7. Yahoo01 says:


  8. pie says:

    were is 6.31