Seplugins Manager v1.5 released!



5h4d0w has updated his Seplugins manager to version 1.5.  Seplugins Manager allows you to manage and edit your plugins without the need for a computer.

+ Fixed more bugs.
~ This is the most stable release yet!

+ Improved plugin saving function.

+ Now removes useless data after initial startup.
~ This isn’t going to make a huge impact, but it’s still better to conserve memory.




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  1. RMan says:

    nice but i use 6.20 pro b5 so i have a recovery menu
    nice work dough

  2. flofrucht says:

    Yeah, Recovery Menu is fine, but with this you can also add new plugins, delete them and much more.

    • iamEpoi says:

      @flofrucht is correct…

      @RMan beside the feature “Add new plugin and delete them” is different from just “enabling and disabling them which our recovery menu does..

      • RMan says:

        Idon`t need to add new plugins and delete them, all i need is to enable/disable so thats why I said what I said

      • jang says:

        hate to say but i would like “delete all plugins functions” #trollface

  3. brent says:

    whoa ,, i use this plugins previous version … saved me 3 steps to go to my PC and booting it up ..

  4. Chris says:

    not for being an a$$ but why don’t people try to focus more like (example) in a snes emulator instead! :/ because “we don’t need more unnecessary plugin aplications :(.
    and i know for some people is, but why not just do it on a computer?! :S

  5. school-now says:

    i agree to download it and use it. just in case i’m lazy to used my computer to change my plugins.

  6. DUBxDadeX29 says:

    I know this is probably the biggest dumbass question ever…But I have a 3001 unhacked on v 6.38 ofw…Is this JUST for cfw or is it a runnable homebrew app on ofw that I can use??