Sega Saturn PSP Emulator released


Sega Saturn PSP Emulator: SofiyaCa has ported Sega Saturn emulator Yabause over to the Playstation Portable. Frame rates aren’t that great as this is just a first release port. Also you’ll need a Sega Saturn bios to run this. Its not included in the release for legal reasons of course.

Sega Saturn PSP Emulator

Download: Sega Saturn PSP Emulator - Yabause 0.9.1 Test
(Sega Saturn PSP Emulator - Yabause 0.9.1 Test - unknown - 18,550 Hits)

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    • Simon

      The first link doesn’t work

    • PSP-Fan

      Thats the authors site, which seems to be down

    • smax

      how do i get the damn bios thingie?

    • Jyrus

      Try the link AFTER IT READS “DOWNLOAD”,
      The link goes straight to the download,
      Look for the BIOS on yahoo. You know try typing Bios Sega saturn Download, duh!.

    • SageKing Oni

      I’m no programmer, but I’m so proud to be a part of the cfw community right now. If this makes it to final and has ~80% framerate speed, I’ll be ecstatic.

    • SageKing Oni

      well, I feel that I may have to retract my former statement. I can’t get this to do ANYTHING on my slim. Somebody needs to contact the author about that.

    • http://none stonie

      is anyone working on this, so far all i can find is that it’s a direct port of the windows one and that it can play ALOT better than it is atm, that chilly willy giuy made it run games but at like 1-2 fps under the same port, not worked to be made more for PSP at all, this emulator really has potential and it would be a shame to see nothing happen with it

    • terinbune
    • Rise The Hedgehog

      omg ive tried soo many psp sega emulators but none seem to work, but once i had found one, it worked but its in chinese, so im quite stuck nows XD

    • plissken

      all the bios for sega cd and saturn are here

    • Ronthehybrid

      I wish it was faster, but it definitely works!

    • pspfan

      this stinks i cant get it to work plz help me if you can

    • john

      i know how it would run at a faster speed well my theory is that is if somebody made a plugin that while in the emulator let you run the cpu clock game over 333/166

    • jaaziel temix

      LOL Castlevania NITM
      that what im trying to play on mi psp