Sega Saturn PSP Emulator released


Emulator: SofiyaCa has ported Sega Saturn emulator Yabause over to the Playstation Portable. Frame rates aren’t that great as this is just a first release port. Also you’ll need a Sega Saturn bios to run this. Its not included in the release for legal reasons of course.

Sega Saturn PSP Emulator

Download: Sega Saturn PSP Emulator - Yabause 0.9.1 Test
(Sega Saturn PSP Emulator - Yabause 0.9.1 Test - unknown - 18,664 Hits)

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    1. Simon says:

      The first link doesn’t work

    2. PSP-Fan says:

      Thats the authors site, which seems to be down

    3. smax says:

      how do i get the damn bios thingie?

    4. Jyrus says:

      Try the link AFTER IT READS “DOWNLOAD”,
      The link goes straight to the download,
      Look for the BIOS on yahoo. You know try typing Bios Sega saturn Download, duh!.

    5. SageKing Oni says:

      I’m no programmer, but I’m so proud to be a part of the cfw community right now. If this makes it to final and has ~80% framerate speed, I’ll be ecstatic.

    6. SageKing Oni says:

      well, I feel that I may have to retract my former statement. I can’t get this to do ANYTHING on my slim. Somebody needs to contact the author about that.

    7. stonie says:

      is anyone working on this, so far all i can find is that it’s a direct port of the windows one and that it can play ALOT better than it is atm, that chilly willy giuy made it run games but at like 1-2 fps under the same port, not worked to be made more for PSP at all, this emulator really has potential and it would be a shame to see nothing happen with it

    8. Rise The Hedgehog says:

      omg ive tried soo many psp sega emulators but none seem to work, but once i had found one, it worked but its in chinese, so im quite stuck nows XD

    9. Ronthehybrid says:

      I wish it was faster, but it definitely works!

    10. pspfan says:

      this stinks i cant get it to work plz help me if you can

    11. john says:

      i know how it would run at a faster speed well my theory is that is if somebody made a plugin that while in the emulator let you run the cpu clock game over 333/166

    12. jaaziel temix says:

      LOL Castlevania NITM
      that what im trying to play on mi psp