Runner 2 Headed for PS Vita


The PlayStation version of 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien will arrive on PlayStation Network sometime between mid-July and mid-August, Gaijin Games designer Danny Johnson revealed during E3 in Los Angeles.They’ve released a new video and few screenshots as a teaser for now.

Runner 2

Runner 2

The game features vibrant worlds, unique characters, challenging (and rewarding!) gameplay, and the vocal stylings of Charles Martinet.
Taking place after the events at the end of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and before BIT.TRIP FATE, CommanderVideo and his friends are in hot pursuit of Timbletot towards the Hypersphere where, unexpectedly, a nefarious reality un-fusion beam strikes CommanderVideo. You must find out what happens next as he travels through unfamiliar worlds in an unknown dimension.

runner 2

runner 2

The company already has a playable build of the game, and we’ll get a good look at it soon. Most  ( if not all ) of the features from the original will be included, and though it does not support Cross-Buy or Cross-Play.We’ll keep you posted when it releases.


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