Rumor : Vita’s Release Dates Revealed



There have been 2 main rumors about the Vita since it was first revealed – about the price and about the release date. Although the price was revealed at E3 ( only in EU,US and Japan ) the release date remains mystery. Or does it ?

The site Gamalive  claims to have spoken to some members of Sony and gained some information on the subject. According to their source the handheld will be at the shops in Japan and Hong Kong by November 12. By that time the press around the world should have received the machine as well. The site continue revealing interesting information. According to them the US/EU release won’t be sooner than February 29. However, the site reconfirms that the EU/US release will happen before the end of the fiscal year ( March 31 ). Gamalive concludes that the release dates of the Vita are going to be close to the ones of the PS3 ( the home console was released on November 11, 2006 in Japan and on March 23, 2007 in Europe ).

Official release dates are expected to be announced at TGS this month so it won’t be too long until we find out whether this is truth or not.

What do you think? Isn’t the EU/US release date little bit late? Did you expect it? Please leave your oppinions in the comment section below.

Source : [Gamalive{French}]

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  1. VITA_CFW (Y) says:

    I don’t mind
    because I’ll be picking my Vita up from Hong kong while on holiday and bring it back to the UK ;)
    jus hope that I’ll be able to CFW it lol

  2. Yep, i think its a bit late.. We have to wait.. :[

  3. Mango says:

    one of the few things I will actually have to wait for

    the other would be Jesus

  4. the snee says:

    i say let them take there time. although i probably wont be saying that once January rolls around!

  5. Nomnom says:

    This is bull crap. Apparently Sony thinks gamers are patient people. 

  6. squiggs says:

    i got all hiped up when game stop said december 31st but know it is going to take this long to come out. they better make it realy good

  7. L0keman says:

    nothing new. this is the difference between apple and crap like sony… apple don’t screw around with people. They don’t call a press show out a year in advance just to get hype to sell a piece of hardware. Apple says “this is what we built, we got 30 million sitting in a warehouse and you can buy it next month.” Sony has NEVER released something on time and is NOTORIOUS for crapping on it’s customers. Thay is why the get attacked by it’s customers. I have a 3DS and it is pretty neat. It will get my money along with everyone else’s and when people are financially recovering from the holidays, moronic sony can try to squeeze money out of an economy that doesn’t have any. That is why my apple shares are at 400.30 a share and sony is almost to 20.50. fail

    • Dimy93 says:

      Don’t offend but Apple is a company that doesn’t give a sh*t for people they just want to know what are the numbers at the end of the year. Apple is popular with only one thing -they squeeze their customers like my grandma milks the cow-this is Apple and they won’t change.On this they are few kilometers ahead from Sony-I can’t believe that people love been milked however this is the market at the moment and I cannot change it…The only reason why apple sells that much is that they have an half-eaten apple on all their products – I guess the people like the logo?

      • L0keman says:

        People like getting raped by companies like apple because they at least have the courtesy to use lube. Apple over charges me on all it’s products, but I love paying it because I get to use the products. They come out with a new phone every year. Same with Ipad. I am not stuck with a paper weight dreaming of the day they got off their @$$ and do something again. It’s amazing how technology is out dated before it even gets on the shelf, but consoles think they can sit in my living room for decade long increments. I want a vita today, not 13 months after getting my 3DS. Literally, by the time this thing drops, The Ipad 3 will be out and running emulators galore (this is destroying the market for traditional handhelds), the 3DS will have been out for 13 months, talk of the Iphone 6 will be buzzing. Computers will have stolen even more console gamers. No one wants to waste their life sitting around waiting for something to be released so late it’s technologically obsolete before it gets in their hands. They could drop this system right now and release updates as required. There is nothing “technologically novel” about this system. This system is designed nice and will be a real blast to play, but the reality is… it’s a slow processor, with small amounts of RAM and small amount of memory and a low def screen and…. it just out right ain’t nothing special. There is no reason for the consumer to wait for such a bland amount of hardware. All that said, I still want one and will buy one, even if it doesn’t come out til’ 2015. It’s just a matter of who is getting the majority of my game money… apple, nintendo or one day, probably, eventually, sony.