Rockstar to develop games for PS Vita! Grand Theft Auto title for PS Vita?



Rockstar to develop games for PS Vita, will a GTA title grace the Vita?

Its confirmed that is indeed developing titles right now for the as they did for the PSP. Now this is great news for Rockstar fans. Their games are huge and instant hits on any platform. Rockstar was absent at E3, and we know their’s only absent when they are up to something big. Its rumored that is in development right now and they have brought a few domains that look to be ingame advert domains like we saw in IV. So they are up to something. is no doubt multi-platform, we expect it to be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. But imagine a PSV port of the game?

That would just Rock and make the PSV system with this title an instant hit when released. Or perhaps its another exclusive GTA title thats in the works? Sony would be foolish not to do another deal like they did with GTA:Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. Hell : Liberty City Stories was the only reason I brought a PSP – Just for this game. The Grand Theft series has that pull,  a massive fan base to draw in PS Vita buyers that would otherwise never touch a Portable System. It also says alot about the console. It has adult games. Not little puppy titles 3DS users love. Games for real gamers. And any title Rockstar make users will jump at. Oh and lets not forget , maybe Rockstar also have plans for a PS Vita title?

The tweet that made the PS Vita REALLY interesting.

So who instigated all this? and this interesting tweet. Now your no doubt thinking who the hell is Jim Reilly? I asked myself the same question. But there, on his twitter page. He’s the News Director for Someone in the know and someone that wouldn’t just make this up crap up.

Rockstar you have just made the PS Vita a hell of a lot more interesting….

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  • Anonymous

    Best news yet concerning the Vita’s future. Its looking real good now. I wonder what titles they might be working on. Certainly an GTA title, maybe even a Red Dead Redemption spin off? I look forward to seeing what they will come up with on this console.

    • Dimy93

      i do know about it when a month ago Sony made a list of developing studios but the main question here is what exactly is developed – I didn’t see any Rockstar title in the list of games that are developed(this list came about at the same time). Apparently is some kind of secret

      • IeUaN

        I saw RockStar on that list too, on the list it also stated that it was the european division of Rockstar which point toward Rockstar North, which we all know is GTA territory…

  • Anonymous

    Best news yet concerning the Vita’s future. Its looking real good now. I wonder what titles they might be working on. Certainly an GTA title, maybe even a Red Dead Redemption spin off? I look forward to seeing what they will come up with on this console.

  • HopingPSVwillgethaveCFWguy


    • Anonymous

      I think we will something along these lines. And hopefully not a GTA IV port! The system could run if of course with the reduced resolution. But something San Andreas Stories or even GTA V would be awesome.

  • Dimy93

    GTA game was one of the first games i wanted to see on Vita back in January when Sony first showed the console back then named NGP.

  • Ewrrer

    i would freaking give all my saved money to playstation so that they can make san andreas stories i just want to play as the easy-e guy xDDD

  • Secretsnee

    oh god please be true.

  • Shuhel97

    i have a question i wana ask why did they change the name to vita instead of ngp vita sound better though yh i cant wait for psv and gta games.

  • Pb_box01

    Is their gta vice city stories avilable on ps vita’s psn store? if yes, how well does it run? I cannot wait to see that. I am positive that it does that very well. I also hope Rockstar and Sony would consider GTA on ps vita.

    • Daniel N.

      Yes there is. It has been upscaled to the PS Vita screen. I have the game right now on it.

      • Salman H.

        is it available for usa ps store?

      • Jtsenkus1

        When I go to ps store on my vita there are no gta games, do I have to
        Be a member of ps network?

      • Demureg

        you have to download it on ps3 then transfer it to your vita via usb.

      • Joey Reid

        No you don’t you just have to go in PS vita store and go into PSP section and download it from there, its not in the USA store though

      • indigo snake

        there should be gta on the ps vita because it has been on psp so it defenitly on the vita

  • Kingting

    how about 3ds gta

    • Ahmadiraw

      3ds cant handle gta v

      • J.D

         He said “3ds gta” Not GTA V

      • sdcbiuwegnvw

        i think ads can play vc but sa? no

  • JosephM

    It always pissed me off that they didnt make sa stories.

    • Doc Herbert

      I feel the same way everytime I look at LCS and VCS and then GTA IV,kinda a big let-down for me

  • Thomasbrebels

    how do you get gta 4 on ps

    • Triple Tornado

      remote play doesn’t work on GTA iv…

    • Kean17

      u get it on ur 

  • Thomasbrebels


  • Thomasbrebels

    come on dudes!

  • Urfaceisbiggerthanurass

    fuck u

  • Urfaceisbiggerthanurass

    fuck u

  • 53zombieswalkin

    i have heard that rockstar may be coming out with gta IV stories.

  • Alex Menasche

    Rockstar is has no plans in creating a “GTA” game for the Playstation© Vita. They are working on a game entitled: Rockstar Games Table Tennis

  • Mzbooby

    I hope they make gta san andreas on ps vita that would be so awsome

  • prodigy213

    Do you know when they willl release vice city in the ps vita store or will i just  have to wait  till i get home and download  it from my  ps3

  • Kylehall

    gta 4 on vita please!!!

  • Triple Tornado

    choose 3ds if u want mario, choose vita if u want action games

  • Joshua Jeyaraj Jeremiah

    gta rocks. I play this game even though I’m only 12 years old

  • Maxdundas

    Can you get grand theft auto 4 on ps vita.

    • Ìßtłhąåxx Døt Żäppêr

      No, They Can’t, The Only New Games Can Be Released…

  • Bardock

    Any GTA on the vita would be fine just make some thing famous I am planning to buy a vita but if they aren’t going to a GTA game,Or God Of War, OR DRAGON BALL Z then minus like 1,000,000 customers for sony

  • Ìßtłhąåxx Døt Żäppêr

    Can’t Wait… Guy’s When Is It Releasin’ ? O.o

  • Tooba

    What about Bully ? Will it be on vita too ?

  • ZeroEX24

    for people who want GTA SA for vita fuckyou we need gta 4 or something with the same animations and RDR IS NEDDED

  • Young Moe

    as long as their r trophies im alright

  • Baris

    Can you make GTA 5 on ps vita pleas because some people don’t have ps3 or Xbox thank you

  • Baris

    If you make GTA 6 can you have more motions please and please make it bigger.And can you fly to countries

  • Baris

    All my friends have it ,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    PS3 i own 1 and have the game so um who ever wants to join my clan they can first they need to pass the test


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