RemoteJoyLite 019 for 62X-63X_b


Neur0n has updated the RemoteJoyLite Plugin v0.19 for CFW 6.2X – 6.3X.

Enjoy your PSP on a larger screen/monitor with RemoteJoyLite. neur0n’s PRX plugin for achieving “TV-out” over a USB connection.

If you want to use this plugin in POPS, you need to add “flash0:/kd/usb.prx” at “pops.txt”.
— pops.txt —

flash0:/kd/usb.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/remotejoylite.prx 1

-Extended memory improved PSP-3000 (03g) in support of the trouble
-added CFW 6.39 Support


Source: & neur0n’s twitter

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  1. TN-E + PRO-B6 says:

    Neur0n IS THE MAN!!! THANX. :)

  2. Keyblade Spirit says:

    Hey, is anyone else getting one of those Infolinks on the download button? I can’t get to the download page because of it.

    EDIT: Okay, now the link is just a regular thing of text. Anyone know what’s going on?

  3. RoMee says:

    i downloed from
    how i use this???

  4. marcel says:

    i am kinda of a noob when it comes to this
    anyone mind helping me understand how to install this on my psp?
    i have CFW 6.20 pro-b6
    so any info would be helpful thank you

  5. Liquid_snake94 says:

    dude?! upgrade using homebrew! hbl is dead
    thats why most of your plugins don’t even work…

    • arbayer2 says:

      Yeah, no kidding dude. I mean, HBL is amazing and it’s the reason I have homebrew today, but in all honesty I don’t think it’s really been relevant for at LEAST 6 months now.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      hbl is not dead, if new firmware updates come out, hbl will be usefull

  6. psp3000legend says:

    how did you instal ????? dont work hwlp

  7. BitFighter says:

    Isn’t v19 unstable? Why didn’t neur0n update the v20a plugin? Its far more stable than v19.

    • SoraJr. says:

      Isn’t v20a unstable? Why didn’t neur0n update the v19 plugin? Its far more stable than v20a*******

      • BitFighter says:

        Perhaps unstable was the wrong term to use. I had problems with v19 long ago. I also didn’t like the fact that I had to constantly remove my USB for Remotejoy when I was loading or saving. That was a big problem for me. When v20a came out that problem was removed. I really never received any abnormal problems with that version of RemoteJoy, and have always used it since. I’m just curious as to why they went to v19. Did they fix the load/save crash in this version? That’s all I need to clarify.

  8. flofrucht says:

    download links updated.

    No, v20a is unstable :=)

    • BitFighter says:

      I’ve been using v20a for a year. Just to make sure, does v19 have that annoying drawback that will crash your PSP if you load or save a game with Remotejoy active? I know v20a finally fixed that horrible drawback, which is why I prefer it over the previous.

      • TechPowerDown says:

        man you have no clue what your talking about do you?

      • BitFighter says:

        I know what I am talking about. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking.

      • Beldra says:

        i honestly never had any crash during saving or loading but I do get crash during some games only.
        Remotejoylite 2.0 is the update version and seen lots more improvement then the 1.9.

      • BitFighter says:

        Thank you for backing my point.

  9. TechPowerDown says:

    POPS still doesn’t like it lol

  10. SoraJr. says:


  11. squiggs says:

    i don’t get how to use it is in the plug in folder but the psp doesnt identify it just says the folder is empty

  12. Twist says:

    for one, noone shud be fucking using HBL anymore, dumbasses… and 2
    does this work for fucking 64-bit

    • arbayer2 says:

      I do not know for sure since I haven’t tried it yet, but the version of Windows 7 shouldn’t matter that much. They both use the same graphics drivers, which I assume is how the PSP’s display is processed on the screen, so as long as it’s run as administrator I’d think it would work. Don’t take my word on that though, because again, I haven’t tried it. :)

  13. Darkzero130 says:

    Works great for me. Just can’t figure out how to enable sound. I tried it on my gameboy advance emulator and man its awesome having it full screen on my laptop.

    • shuko says:

      its only video mate. unless you plug another cable from the headphone jack on the psp into the laptop.

    • I hear you but it's still funny says:

      What? You’re running a GBA Emulator on your PSP so you can use it on your laptop? Hah!

  14. Hiroyasu says:

    Does it still look choppy when you enlarge the screen?

  15. ninjaitsu says:

    does this work for 5.03 gen c or prome? (thats rite i still have 5.03)

  16. Dave_ d_devil says:

    can anyone plz give a tutuorial for this…i hv 6.35 b4..plz

    • Random Philippines Guy says:

      1.) Extract using winrar. Put Remotejoylite.prx to ms0:/seplugins/
      2.) Create (add if you already have one) vsh.txt (not .txt in name, thats just the file type)
      3.)copy paste without the ” -> “ms0:/seplugins/remotejoylite.prx 1
      4.) Create (add if you already have one) game.txt (not .txt in name, thats just the file type)
      5.)copy paste without the ” -> “ms0:/seplugins/remotejoylite.prx 1
      6.) Install PSP type B driver : www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/?gdm0m2qjxov
      7.) When done, restart VSH in PSP.
      8.) Connect your USb cable and open the executable in remotejoy lite included in the file u downloaded here


  17. dark_aleks says:

    My Problem is 2k11. it didnt work now. Since my psp was updated to 6.39 ME 3 I Think 5.50 prometheus 4 is better. I will downgrade it again and wait for the fixes.

  18. Darkzero130 says:

    The video doesn’t look that choppy at all when I put it full screen. My analog is messed up since one of my screws was stripped and had to be drilled so it keeps going down when I am in menus or gameplay sometimes so I had to disable it in the emulators. I won’t have that trouble anymore since I’m getting a psp go sometime this month or july.

  19. psp3000legend says:

    thx works

  20. Lea says:

    Devs, please support that on Linux. That would make more users happy! :)

  21. Pete says:

    I’m still having problems, 6.20 TN-E on PSPgo. Peace Walker for example semi-freezes (you can still quit the game, but can’t do anything else) when changing your camouflage prior to a mission… very weird stuff.

    • Pete says:

      Aaaand apparently it doesn’t work for PSX-titles either, even if I enable usb.prx like the guideline suggests. What a shame >_>

  22. CYRU5 says:

    Does anybody knows how to get it working in a 64-bit system? I’m tired of reading worthless tutorials :/

    • kuroboshoe says:

      I second this. I’ve been looking around for one but I have not had any success finding one for 64-bit systems. :(

  23. MrZer017 says:

    I do suppose you’re trolling.. damn why do you use HBL when you can get CFW? ugh

  24. Virac says:

    How do you install this:\\\??

  25. Agame says:

    can use it on a tv like sony bravia?

  26. YJENNY says:

    Where can I get the custom firmware for RemoteJoyLite 019 for 62X-63X_b?

    please and thank you in advance :)

  27. pspgeek23 says:

    i think this guy should make a new version so that you can record audio using a usb cable only

  28. BitFighter says:

    Neur0n: Please support v20 for PRO cfw. It has seen many improvements over v19 despite the claims that it is unstable. Please give this some consideration.

  29. YJENNY says:

    What cfw do I use for this?

  30. Spec3r123 says:

    for me it only works in XMB but when I open up a game all it does is a black screen with WAITING…

  31. darkr22 says:

    Anyone knows why remotejoy keeps freezing and crashing on my psp everytime i try to load onto something, i am currently using 6.35 pro – b, shuld i be using remotejoy v20 ? :/

  32. Aquillesramirez26 says:

    sorry for this question but… do you have a tutorial or instructions for this? sorry for the bother but it wont work for some reason, it does say waiting though…

  33. Aquillesramirez26 says:

    oh and BTW, I have your latest CFW 6.60 Pro B10 does this work for this CFW? Does it have system requirements for the PC too?sorry for being dumb right now….

  34. Tuhermana says:

    link is dead

  35. Coolmikeymike says:

    please  create a new link i must have this. 6.20 is being ignored