[Release] iR Shell for 5.50 GEN-A (Patch)

iR Shell for 550 GEN-A patch

iR Shell for 550 GEN-A patch

joshd666 has sent word to us of his patched iR Shell for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A. He has made the necessary hex edits to allow iR Shell 3.9 to function correctly on CFW 5.50 GEN-A.

Remember this is for PSP-1000’s and PSP-2000’s TA-088v2 or less PSP’s. Don’t try this on a PSP-3000

Release text:

I was getting impatient so i made one my self

irshell/bin/irshell38x.prx: offset 0×284e, 0×82 -> 0×00
irshell/bin/irshell38xs.prx: offset 0×28da, 0×82 -> 0×00

^thats all

Full credit to Ahman for iR Shell. This is an unofficial iR Shell patch / release.

Download: iR Shell for 5.50 GEN-A (Patch)
(iR Shell for 5.50 GEN-A (Patch) - 11.7 MiB - 47,248 Hits)

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  1. Doritoes says:

    For those of you wondering, the popular skin in the screenshot is called:
    eXembe (by PsypheR)

  2. kinggucci says:

    dam so you cant use this with cfe? 5.00mhu?

  3. bosshunter says:

    This is IrShell 3.9, and not 5.0..

  4. […] irshell listen i found this irshell that said it was hex edited to work on gen-a will it work on gen b or no here is the link ok [Release] iR Shell for 5.50 GEN-A (Patch), PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks […]

  5. joshd666 says:

    Works in Gen-b too!

  6. […] has also released a his own IR Shell 5 patch, similar to joshd666’s iR Shell 3.9 patch for 5.50 GEN-A & GEN-B. Bosshunter’s patch allows 5.50 GEN-A users play ISOS and also improves the stability of […]

  7. Slyvictim says:

    What is this?

  8. Uzuki says:

    The tittle and download file says iR Shell 5.00 but this is 3.9 and the other patch which IS for 5.0 says 3.9. WTF is up with all this backwardness?