PSX2PSP v1.3


Homebrew developer KingSquitter released a a new version of his PopStation GUI. This is just another application that easily converts PS1 image files to a PSP eboots.

This newest version adds multi-disc games to single EBOOT support and icons in the 80px x 80px format.

* Added support for 80×80 icons.
* Added support for multi disc games.
* Added some new colors to the default theme.

Download: PSX2PSP 1.4.2
(PSX2PSP 1.4.2 - 1.2 MiB - 228,073 Hits)

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  2. Goer says:

    couldnt convert file – missing file “BASE.PBP”

  3. Noer says:

    I converted MGS1 using this both the disks but the screen remains blank after I hit X

  4. CrazyGerman says:

    download the base file from the internet just google it and put it into your Files directory
    BTW wher do i put my converted files

  5. psp lover says:

    workin fine wit me!! hooray

  6. DudeWithCrazyHair says:

    Where do you put the files after downloading it?

  7. Meganoob says:

    sir i have a question about the software why does the compression meter won’t go to 100% and also an error pops up everytime i convert it to psp but still works fine when you play it on psp any short information about the compression errors?

  8. Meganoob says:

    well sir i try converting the nba 2003 live when the converting percent reach 100% an error of the software appears ??

  9. ANICKED1 says:


  10. your momma!!!! says:

    r  tards

  11. your momma!!!! says:

    says psx2psp v.1.3 yet the link is for 1.4.2 as said before r tards

  12. Sec41 says:


  13. Mdeshonn says:

    hey guys what i want to ask is dose this converter really works

  14. Potato2515 says:

    mines keep saying files popstation.exe missing from computer any help please because i really want to convert a game called klonoa and if any one knows a site where i can get it from for psp please tell me

  15. willybee says:

    yep it works, only i’ve got an region problem. but i have a updated psp (ofw 6.60 – b10) instead of an hacked one.

  16. Ednaldo Lins says:

    vlw ateh q enfim consegui um q n dava erro……amo vcs bjozzzzzzz…..kkkkkkkkkk

  17. Ednaldo Lins says:

    vlw gnt ateh q enfim consegui um q n dava erro……

  18. Ryan Gliebe says:

    So this page is for PSX2PSP 1.3, but the download link lets me download 1.4.2. Whoever set this up should be punched in the nuts.

  19. says:

    mine says that
    the selected file is not a valid popstation pbp file
    and ive even done the base.pbp file already T_T