PSVita Game Announcements Coming!!!


Sony will be holding  live broadcast on March 9 the Japanese firm announced today. The broadcast promises both to reveal new Vita titles and to give details on upcoming releases and services. It’s entitled “Welcome! PlayStation Vita Game Heaven.” and will feature presentations from the game creators themselves. If you plan on cheking it later than March 9 please note that you will miss Sony’s give away. 20 lucky broadcast viewers will get a 3G Vita for free. The broadcast is scheduled for 11 am GMT ( 8 pm in Japan ) and will be live here.

Source : [Andriasang]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds good. I wonder if it will be Japanese Dev’s only? Maybe a Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy Title for the Vita to get some killer sales in Japan….Slaughter the 3DS.

    I vote for Capcom bringing Resident Evil to the PS Vita. Its touch screens will be perfect for in game puzzles.

  2. dimy93 says:

    We can only guess for now but we’ll find out in a week
    btw My Vita is finally coming tomorrow -expect some cool gameplay soon :P

    • Anonymous says:

      Cool man, I recommend you get Uncharted, No doubt the best game on the system. And Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is good. Perfect type of game for a portable system.

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  5. sam1256523 says:

    well if you go to and look up
    ps vita game release dates youll see a huge list of games and you will be suprized
    theres gonna be assassins creed 3 and call of duty thats all ill say

  6. PS Vita US says:

    Looking forward for the ps vita call of duty :)

  7. Fuckass says:

    damn get free 3g psv