PSV Dolphin 3D Debug / Test Screen discovered



Some lucky and well, not so lucky Japanese users have somehow stumbled apon a Dolphin 3D test or debug mode on their PS Vita. Now I say unfortunate as its reported that these users can’t seem to get out of this debug mode? Not even powering off teh PS Vita works. Check out the video above. Low PS style graphics of dolphins which the user can adjust various settings. And OK screens. Very strange…

This could be exploitable maybe? Some type of debug code can be executed via a control combination? There could be other debug screens and modes?? Who knows? We will let you know if we find anything else on the matter and update the post here.


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  1. Bone-ER says:


  2. Blah says:

    damn, thought you meant the dolphin emulator :*(

  3. […] this debug mode? Not even turning off the PS Vita works. Watch the video above. […] News Source: PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks Share PS Vita Hack News debug, discovered, dolphin, Hack, PSV3D, screen, Test, […]

  4. Badass says:

    Seems more like a semi-brick

  5. Todd_mcgee says:

    when’s this thing due to be released in the US ?

  6. Tekken says:

    whens this thing due to be released in the US ?

  7. […] this debug mode? Not even powering off teh PS Vita works. Check out the video above. […] Source: PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks Tags: Debug, discovered, Dolphin, Screen, Test Similar Posts PSP Go Disassembly Tutorial […]

  8. ultimakillz says:

    u.s. release date is february 22, 2012

  9. Thomas Pickens says:

    Does this bug have anything to do with the fact that the WiFi/3G is always on? If above mentioned person was attempting to exploit/hack said system while online, could Sony have forced a firmware update and kept the process hidden in the background? Is it a deliberate bricking to prevent soft mods? I find it extremely suspicious that you cannot turn it off. Has the user tried to open said system to disconnect the battery? Try leaving the battery disconnected for a while to see if the firmware resets to normal.

  10. Thomas Pickens says:

    If you disconnect the battery, reset the firmware, and it is still the same, then it is most likely a security measure. Unless the factory uses some type of Pandora style setup to install kernel/firmware settings. Then it makes perfect sense. The debug mode is incomplete without the battery/programming station to complete it.

  11. SuperstarX64 says:

    I’ll wait for the PSV slim to come out.. hahaha!

  12. Kinasurangbata says:

    nice devs…sony will go bankrupt..ahahah