PSPident 0.4 – Find out what PSP Motherboard you have.

PSPident .04 Released. Supports PSP-3000's Motherboards

PSPident .04 Released. Now supports PSP-3000's Motherboards

jas0nuk has released an update to PSPident. This release version 4 adds support for PSP-3000 motherboards. What is PSPident? Its a very useful tool to find out just what version of PSP motherboard you have. If used with ChickHEN you can run this and it will make a print screen like the above about your PSP model and motherboard version you have in your hands. So you can see if its possible flash custom firmware or not. Without risking a brick. (See the below chart)

Hackable PSP Chart (PSP's that will or won't take CFW)

Hackable PSP's (PSP's that will or won't take CFW)

Changelog is as follows:
0.3 -> 0.4

* Long overdue update. Congrats to all the PSP-3000 users who can finally use homebrew!
* Updated all the data with the latest available, so it now detects TA-088 v1/v2/v3, TA-090 v1 (final version of Slim) and TA-090 v2 (first version of PSP-3000 or “Brite”)
* Due to a lack of info, TA-088 v1 and v2 are are indistinguishable and will appear as such on the app.


Download: PSPident 0.60
(PSPident 0.60 - 43.9 KiB - 84,373 Hits)

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