PSPident 0.70. Find out what PSP Motherboard you have.


0.60 Released (Updated!)

dev has updated PSPident, the mother identifier for your . Run this is or and see if you really have a 4G PSP-3000 motherboard or not? This update now supports the PSP-3000 4g motherboards and the PSP Go.

PSPident 0.70 changelog:

– PSPGo support
– PSP 3000 TA-093 (4g) support


Download: PSPident 0.74
(PSPident 0.74 - 61.3 KiB - 10,458 Hits)

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  • MOhamM

    Nice even though i have psp phat

  • GambaBMX

    Muito útil esta novidade!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • MINER21

    Hi Im running the new HEN for OFW 6.31. when I load it it gets up to telling me my spock, then after a few seconds my psp turns off and I dont get to see the good bit… the motherboard type! can somebody help please?

  • shiNsei

    Well, just wanted to know a bit more about my PSP3K, but I didn’t see anything that end with ‘g’ after running it…

  • uwah philippines

    Possible CFW 5.03 HEN, i dont want to downgrade my PSP3k il just w8 for a better iso loader.

  • man

    Doesnt work – 6.35 HEN – hangs after launch and restarts psp

  • M33only

    @MINER21 it’s cause you need kernel access first before you can run it and the 6.3X exploits & TN don’t have full kernel access right now. so your going to have to wait .

    and i think it’s cool that pspIdent got it’s date base updated for the new motherboards out their.
    so thanks Yoti for the work on updating it it really helps out the new & or lazy

    GOOD JOB Yoti

    • mike

      whats the use for updating it now for 3k 4g and go when we cant even use them?

      • Alex

        cause you can find out if the motherbord is 4g or 3g and if soo you can downgrade to 5.03

  • pspslimhacks fan

    it didnt work i tryied in hbl and it didnt work help me

  • red

    i have psp3000 and already works.but have a problem with my other memory turns off when im about to use the prometheus ISO loader…please help me…

  • GiL64

    @red maybe u putted some wrong files that are not supposed to be there or you havent yet created an iso folder

    • red

      it has a ISO folder..i dont know whats the real problem..anyways,thank you gil64.

      • MrZer017

        I think you need to do the mem stick removal trick to make it work

      • red

        @mrzer017 how?

  • Can I downgrade?

    I have use the pspident and is psp 3000 4G ,Can I downgrade?because someone say it will bricked your psp,PLZ reply….and Thx …

    • Reynkz

      Yea bro it “CAN” brick ur psp, making it useless :(

      • rhys

        @Reynkz if the pspident says this
        Motherboard type: Brite(3000)
        does this mean i have a psp 3000 3g and i can downgrade w/ out the risk of bricking it??
        i want to downgrade bakc to 5.03 but what would you recommend??
        tnx in advance.. :)

  • M33only

    people you need full kernel access for it to WORK!!! i just said that above.
    and yes we can still use those types of psp we just can’t fully hack them yet. Hint; 6.20 TN-B that’s a CFW type
    for those motherboards. as Sony has internally signed their OFW(s) to the psp TA-088v3 motherboards and above. to stop us but it didn’t . lol that’s why their making the psp2

    Note; pspident works best with 5.03 ChickHen. as it’s a kernel exploit&Hen


    • kingjezta

      is there a way to downgrade 6.35yet i have the hen but i cant run my ar or any cheat agents

    • SuperstarX64

      Mmmm… I just tried to run it just with HBL and it worked fine… (yeah right I had to remember that my mb is a 88v3 :( …)

      • Niko

        what’s the problem with that mobo? mine’s the same. :/

  • pspfollowerMaLaySia–>6.20 TN-A 3k

    works on my psp!! thanks dude

  • Zoity

    What Does Bat. EEPROM Means??? Anyone..?

    Because mine says “No”

    • L Boy

      that tells you if your PSP can switch a normal PSP-Battery into a Pandora Battery and vice-versa…. thats a feature only phat PSP got some time ago….

      so if you have a PSP2k or 3k you cannot switch a normal battery into Pandora-Mode…..
      except for that: most of the 2ks and 3ks can’t even be hacked by a Pandora-Battery so just ignore it and try that TN-HEN if you’re on a suitable FW

      besides…. congratulations TN… personally i didn’t expect you to create a HEN but your improved tiff-file for ChickHen was really great and i really miss discussing things like that with you on the good ol’ DA-Forums…..

      i was totally disappointed when they closed that definately great forum

      L Boy a.k.a. Kucht

    • funstuff234

      That means if you can modify your battery’s EEPROM (AKA Pandora battery). Only phats and early 2ks will say yes.

      • rhys

        but why does my Bat.EEPROM say “No” i have psp 3000 (dont know if its 3g but it says Brite 3000) TN-C??

  • GameMaster1229

    Lol useful program indeed. Now noobz can finally stop asking and start tasking. Lazy noobz XD Good work Yoti. Next mission. Get Full Hen access and proper Custom Firmware for 6.31-6.35. Word Pro seems like a guy who eagerly rushed to develop something.

  • sloshedtrain

    It works fine with me (PSP 3001 MGS:PW 6.20 TN-B)

  • neil

    Mother board type: Brite (3000)
    Motherboard model: TA 092
    PSP Version Brite v 2.0
    Bat.Efrom Access: No
    Possible CFW: 5.03 HEN

    it did not say if its 3g or 4g.
    Can i downgrade it to OFW 5.0 then CFW 5.03?


    • shiNsei

      Maybe if the motherboard only show it as ‘Brite’ without 4g(or 3g), then it means you have 3g, IF that’s true, I still don’t recommend you to downgrade it, as it a very-very risky process.

      Well, I just compared yours(and mine) with Pink-Princess’s motherboard models just below you.

      • Pink-Princess

        i thought same reading through these comments ppl saying it only says Brite(3000) maybe are 3g

      • Neil

        Thanks for the answer.
        I dont really need to downgrade, i just want to try it.
        but given the risk of bricking it. I wouldn’t dare anymore.
        I just read that they are coming out with a CFW for 6.2
        I’ll just wait for it.

  • Pink-Princess

    Motherboard type: Brite 4G(3000)
    Motherboard model: TA-093
    PSP Version: Brite V3.0

    im on 6.20, running 6.20 TN-A (HEN) the UO 6.20 TN HEN patch with Prometheus ISO Loader for 6.20 TN-A HEN
    Everything works fine i’ve only tried 4/5 games but they run no prob, I thought to myself I’ll leave it as it works fine but with it been U/O should i use TN-B HEN as i have just found out i have a 4G (presumed it would be 4G as i needed patched version of TN-A HEN) great work everyone thank you so much for your time and effort :) x

    • sdjkghsdjkfg

      @Pink, there is no reason anyone should be running TN-A whatsoever, even if it is working ok, everyone should be using TN-B as it has better compatibility and stability on all psp models

      • Pink-Princess

        oh ok thank you i thought it was just a stable version for psp 3000 with 4g motherboards i must have miss read :D

  • PSP Tuner

    the minna sukuri exploit (damm what a name) for 6.31/.35 isn’t running on it’s full potential so we have to wait for better versions.

    (The minna sukuri exploit works fine with the isoloader.

  • Hey

    Thank you so much for new update! Good program. Thanks;)

  • d

    I want total noob to work on briked psp’3 (the ta088v3 versions) because i have 4 briked psp’3 :(
    PLZZZZZ……………………….. work!!!! on it

  • Mantas

    I did this:

    PSP 3004 3G 6.20 -> downgraded to 5.03 OFW -> ChickHEN R2 -> GEN-C -> me happy, lol
    Works like a charm, all my favorite games now work… while some of them crashed on TN HEN :) I’ll just wait for a bigger update on TN HEN.

    • sdjkghsdjkfg

      *sarcasim on* Oh yes, because Total Noob totally did not want people using his HEN and he created it for only the specific reason so that people could downgrade to 5.03…… ignore the nice vsh menu that must’ve taken him many sleepless nights to get just right, ignore the plugin support and the fact that this simple HEN has almost all the features of a CFW, Because none of that matters, because TN created his HEN just so that Mantas could downgrade to 5.03 so that he can play all of his pirated games. *sarcasim off*

      • Connor

        I could not agree more

      • Mantas

        Lol, even I couldn’t say myself better.
        Dunno about you guys, but I see no purpose of HEN if one cannot make use of it. No matter what it is – hb, isos or psx’s. Whatever. I greatly appreciate TN’s work, but I’m sure this downgrader is not without reason. What reason? He understands that his HEN might not be ideal for some people, so for the time being, until a better, updated version of HEN is released he gave us the opportunity to finally use our PSPs for more than one SAME game and a few movies.

        What you’re saying is just stupid. You’re suggesting that people would want to use a HEN that doesn’t satisfy their needs. Grats to those who find it satisfying and I’m sure that only time will tell when it will be good enough for us all to move on and upgrade from 5.03.

  • http://asdfa joeblow

    does NOT work on my psp slim 3000 6.35

    shows up to teh kirk and spot, but doesnt have the rest of the info below that, it just sits there hangs, orange lite solid on, i have to power off

    seems picky this 6.35 PRO , we all have different variations/setups

  • CosmicVortEx

    is it true that TA motherboard can be unbrick by pandora

  • MadRef

    This works like a charm om my PSP Brite 4G running TN-B 6.20
    Motherboard is a TA-093

  • th3pwnsh0p

    PSP 3001 6.20 TN-B

    TA-090 v2

    Possible CFW: 5.03 HEN >_>

  • hello

    will there be a downgrade for the psp 3000 tn-a

  • Amareal

    my mobo type says I’m slim ta-088 and psp version v2.2..but why are the technicians telling me that my psp is on psp3000?appreciate answers on my queries. =)

  • Anonym

    It’s work on my PSP 3004 4G 6.2hen :)

  • DaAnimeOtaku

    It works well, but it wont take screen shots…
    and secondly if the screenshots were to work, i think it would be better if it were saved to mso:/picture or mso:/photo

    also is there a screen shot plugin for 6.20 tn-b?
    cuz im pretty sure that most plugins only work for 6.20 tn-a…

  • Wendel-Manaus

    its not working on my PSP OFW 6.31 + hen vFlame.

  • Paul

    I have a question! it is totally off topic because I don’t know where to post my question! I have a 2001-PSP Slim! I bought the Daxter bundle pack and I have read everywhere that this is FULLY Hackable. I am a NOOB, I am running version 5.50 how can I Hack it? I made a Magic memory card and I downloaded 5.50 Gen B and 5.50 Gen A but it wont run it says this game is corrupt. I am guessing I need to custom make a firmware first but How can I do that if I have 5.50 already installed from Playstation? and Do I need a Pandora battery to install custom firmware? what are the steps I need to take? Please help me

    • Side Scoop

      Okay; there’s an even easier way to tell if a PSP 2000 is a TA-88v3 motherboard or not. Simply look at the barcode at the bottom of your PSP-2000. If it starts with AB02, AND it came with FW 4.01, then you have the TA-88v3 motherboard. If your PSP-2000’s barcode does NOT start with AB02 or it came with a firmware below 4.01, then you do not have the TA-88v3 motherboard.

  • SquallDNA

    doesnt work on my 3000 5.03…but i already know that mine is a 3g thanks to the OLDER version .51 of pspident… these version doesnt tell if its a 3g. SUCKS!

  • Side Scoop

    There is an even easier way to tell if your PSP 2000 is a TA-88v3 motherboard or not. Simply look at the barcode at the bottom of your PSP-2000. If it starts with AB02, AND it came with FW 4.01, then you have the TA-88v3 motherboard. If your PSP-2000’s barcode does NOT start with AB02 or it came with a firmware below 4.01, then you do not have the TA-88v3 motherboard.

  • johnny09

    Hey anyone HELP me! I got psp 3005 version 5.03 and I used chickHEn with it and GEN c fulll totally no prblem till the day came out that I cant mod it to chickHEn or any Chickhen out there it just Freezez at the end and doesnt reboot!!!

    • MafiaCobra

      Try This

      Signed 5.03 Kernel Exploit HEN. Run 5.03 HEN right from XMB!

      NO More Pictures

  • awing

    can i down grade my psp 3004 my former ofw is 5.01 and it accidentaly upgrade thru umd in 5.55 thats why i decided to go in 6.20 tn-b..can i dowgrade back to 5.03?pls help

  • pspslimhacks fan

    i tried on 6.35 pro but it freezes any suggestion would be helpfull

  • hi

    motherboard type: Brite(3000)
    motherboard model: TA-090 v2
    umd firmware ver: 1.240ANov10 ,2006

    psp motherboard with TA-090 v2 are not hackable right????
    but my psp is running CFW 6.35 PRO-4…..

    • PSPn00bz

      you need to change that immediately. You cannot stay at that version forever or it will cause a brick D:

      You have PHA Partially Hackable (PHA for short): This means that you can temporarily run CFW on it, but you cannot install it on the system forever. If you force shut down, or remove the battery from the PSP, it will revert to OFW. If you try playing with the Flash memory of the device, you might brick your PSP forever. There’s no telling if Sony will fix it at a later time, on warranty or not.

  • PSPn00bz

    Wow I have TA-085(No letter). I have the best motherboard ever :D

  • Andrewslushie

    guys, it doesn’t seem to work for me. I have a psp slim (psp 3000) and it tells me the file is corrupted. please help!

  • Gian Karlo Go

    How to usse this guys?