PSPdisp 0.5 Released – Use your PSP as a second PC display



Its been while, the last version was released back in December. But PSPdisp is back with a whole new bunch of features. Release 0.5 of this dual monitor application for PSP and PC. Change log is pretty huge so this is a substantial release from JJS software.

Developer Notes:

You need a Custom Firmware or Homebrew Enabler to run PSPdisp. It should be compatible with any version from at least 3.40 OE on. If you are looking for a Custom Firmware to convert your PSP to, you might want either 5.50 GEN D3 or 5.00 M33-6. If your PSP 2000/3000 got 5.03 official firmware, get ChickHEN. PSPdisp is not compatible with the Half Byte Loader, therefore it will not run on any PSP Go or later 2000/3000 models with a firmware other than 5.03.

PSPdisp 0.5 changelog:

New PSP features:

  • new menu system
  • all options can be customized in the menu
  • it is now possible to switch between WLAN and USB mode without restarting the game
  • up to 5 server IP addresses can be stored
  • more CPU speed options
  • screen brightness can be fully customized
  • most PC settings can now be changed from the PSP

New features on the PC:

  • WLAN and USB mode can be enabled at the same time
  • new option for scaling the mouse cursor
  • new viewport sizes for magnifying the screen content (2x, 4x, 8x)
  • basic password system for WLAN mode
  • restructured menu with less submenus
  • display driver now working on 32 and 64 Bit Vista / 7 (Aero Glass theme will be disabled)
  • audio streaming now possible in SideShow mode and when display streaming is disabled
  • audio sample rate can now be configured (11 kHz, 22 kHz and 44 kHz)
  • new option for less CPU intensive, but also less pretty image stretching
  • new control file option for simulating a double click

Bug fixes:

  • restored functionality on 3.71 M33 and 5.50 GEN-B
  • various other small fixes


Download: PSPdisp v0.5.1. (New HBL support!)
(PSPdisp v0.5.1. (New HBL support!) - 7.5 MiB - 18,143 Hits)

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  1. KG6ZVP says:

    That is so awesome! I’m definitely using this version!

  2. Mokke says:

    I think i wanna have this thing.. I just can’t right now cuz i havent my psp on me, but nice update and nice work

  3. kiberboi says:

    i installed everything and when i try to connect via wlan it says connecting and nothing happens what seems to be the problem?

  4. kiberboi says:

    ok now everything is working but if i want to connect to my pc from another wlan spot in the city would this work or does it only work whan connected from your wlan?

    • KG6ZVP says:

      You can connect via a wlan spot if you complete the following steps:
      >Get a DyneDNS account
      >Configure your computer’s IP to be set as the IP of the domain you make
      >Set your PSP to connect to the DyneDNS domain
      ^It works for me!

  5. tiirp21 says:

    It looks really awsome put I get and error :
    could not start the USB driver
    (error 9x800200D9 – 1).
    Please disable all USB related plugins and try again.

    What am I duing wrong? Can somebody please help me!

  6. ervinivin says:


    i can’t download this app from this site using google chrome.

    every time click download, a new tab open and it says ” oops, that site is hot linking our files. that is lame.”

    why is that? any help..

  7. samirpc says:

    Sad. Why can’t we PSP Display on half byte loader. I thought the Half Byte Loader has been more stable and if its not try to find a way to work it. If not, this probably means there’s definitely no hope for CFW loading in Half Byte Loader.

    • samirpc says:

      Is there any chance Half Byte Loader will be able to load a home-brew that loads CFW.

  8. hacktester says:

    @samirpc Actually,there was never a chance of CFW loading for HBL .It is gonna be an e-Loader,not a CFW,and theese are,obviously,two different things.And who said that they done with HBL?They still have A LOT of things to do,so dont expect to use DaedalusX64 507 or this soon…

  9. mansour says:

    Omg, this is one of the best psp homebrews, thanks for this!!!

  10. samuelc38 says:

    I install and unistall this program 2 times USB works great but i can make the Wlan to work. I diseable my windows firewall and my AVG firewall and nothing I have 5.50 Gen D3 and using Vista Ult. I chech using my psp browser and I’m in the Net with no problems. What is wrong??? How you solved Kiberboi????


    • Deadx93 says:

      You have to set the server to the number that pspdisp gives you when you launch it for me its yours may be different you have to go to setting and change it from

    • e-S4p3R says:

      Have you checked the IP´s list on the PSPDisp? May be your LAN is using diferent IP´s. For default the PSPDisp list is to 5… as I said, you LAN may be using something like Try it and let me know!

      • samuelc38 says:

        my PSPDisp ip is 192.168. 1.2 and I cnanged on my psp list to match. Nothing, only USB mode. It have to be something in my netgear router bloking the connection.

      • e-S4p3R says:

        SamuelC38… try it: disabe your Internet Connection, disable your firewall´s (that´s why I ask to disable the Internet :P) and than…. try the connection by WIFI… another question… Does your PSP detect you PC using the WiFi?! Post some pics…. (!

  11. sneeman says:

    incredible. but programs dont seem to want to open up.. is it trying to use the psp?

  12. e-S4p3R says:

    OMG }!! THX BRO!!! Now, on my barbecue events… I´ll control my Winamp by my PSP over WLAN from anywhere on the house! LOL!! My friends will freak out!!!

  13. jasonkhoo87 says:

    didnt work on me through USB. Success install the USB Driver, but, when I tried to connect, the psps state waiting for connection, the PC App is configure well.. Please help. I can’t try with WLAN since I don’t have WLAN spot here.

  14. kinardb2 says:

    Can anyone figure out how to connect to your PC away from your home wireless network? Dozens of people have said they do it all the time but I’ve yet to see any instructions on how to do it!!!!!

  15. […] – Easy Tutorial transfer files PC x PSP wireless. while simultaneously using PSPdisp 0.5 PSPdisp 0.5 Released – Use your PSP as a second PC display, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks this way i can transfer files to my psp whenever from my computer without even touching it. […]

  16. ashes says:

    cant download the thing!!….not on chrome, IE or Firefox!

  17. Mahoraba says:

    So.. I can’t find a reason for this error anywhere lol.

    PSPdisp_v0.5 is not a Valid Win32 Application.

    I get this error when I try to open the .exe, every time.. no matter what.

  18. daandem says:

    how can i see my psp games on pc with pspdisp?

  19. ronineter says:

    can you make logitech display (g19/g15etc) software work on psp display???? that would be asome .if it sees your display as a socond device so you can seen in game stats.

  20. jamie says:

    hi I have a problem, he always gives to this game can not odes gestartd d damage data are saying this he also java and fimare

  21. Errtrtr says:

    i really want to play wii on this…..can i?

  22. zoilo says:

    thank you i love