PSPCipher: A PRX Decryptor that can decrypt game patches


Still patching and decrypting eboot.pbp’s? Still having issues with your latest games that have patches? Well we got another one for you to try. PSPCipher is another one of Liquidzigong creations. He made also made Prometheus for 5.00m33 and 5.50 GEN. Well this is another PRX Decryptor with a slight difference, it can crack 0x2e5e10f0 .Which is the key tag which pspdecrypt.prx failed to decode.

So what does that mean? Well the newer encryption of eboot patches can be cracked, so you can run the likes of God Eater 1.01 patch and Idol Master SP patch etc. These are tested and working.

PSPCipher Usage:

Use unpack-pbp to unpack a PBOOT.BIN.
Rename DATA.PBP to EBOOT.BIN and move to ms0:/enc/.
Run PSPCipher, the EBOOT.BIN will be decrypted.
Replace original ISO with new EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO. If you use Prometheus module then EBOOT.OLD instead.


Download: Unpack-pbp - Unpack EBOOT.PBP files
(Unpack-pbp - Unpack EBOOT.PBP files - 707.8 KiB - 31,791 Hits)

Download: UMD Gen 4
(UMD Gen 4 - 1.1 MiB - 148,012 Hits)

Download: PSPCipher - Decrypt 0x2e5e10f0 eboots
(PSPCipher - Decrypt 0x2e5e10f0 eboots - 30.8 KiB - 3,316 Hits)

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  1. XspeedPL says:

    Can i use this to run LittleBigPlanet patch?

  2. SuperstarX64 says:

    Sony has won, patching, patching, exploiting, but nothing else… No more CFW from latest OFW…

    • Khassenpspgo says:

      i have to agree. we are never gonna see another cfw ever. team typhoon in my honest opinion is a joke, fake, fail. just created a special homebrew to change the coding to the FW number. and that mad dude is a obvious joke. these little expoits arnt gonna improve to read iso’s/cso’s ever. just homebrew for a low cpu usage. to be honest i would pay 100 bucks for cfw on my pspgo due to the large memory bank, other than that its just a movie system.

      • aeon44 says:

        so what? its just a firmware with features. you should at least appreciate things like this, instead of babbling about you can’t play 6.20 games. its better than nothing. and i won’t worry about a new CFW as long as the newest games will be patched.

        and who knows, DA might return when we least expected.

    • manobon says:

      Except in this case, Sony has only prevented later/new/Go users from playing isos and having access to the system’s resources for homebrew/plugins. All the 5.00, 5.03, and 5.50 users still can use all the homebrew they want, have access to PSN & the store (PSNLover!), And are able to play isos (good for back ups of games that aren’t on PSN, Bad for Sony due to piracy). So, I think it’s easy to say that Sony has Not “won”.

  3. skylinekid17 says:

    Hey PSPFan there is an error in the “Usage” box. What is a PBOOT.bin??

    • PSPFan says:

      PBOOT.bin is like an EBOOT however its a patch / game patch. For such games that have patches and later didn’t work. Now you can decrypt the patch and its working now.

  4. tsouk says:

    Does this work on OFW 6.20 with HBL?

  5. keith_j_snyder2 says:

    Well said my friend. They should rather work on better homebrew like a stable torrent software for PSP.