PSP Video Converter v1.02


Want a nice and easy way of converting videos for your PSP? KG6ZVP has released a converter that does just that. A key feature of this app which I like is the ability to make DivX videos for .

Feature list:

>All profiles have been tested under and fully support the specifications for ANY PSP using OFW or CFW version 3.xx-5.xx
>Includes support for 720×480 videos
>Supports 23.976fps with NO AUDIO SYNC PROBLEMS
>Supports PAL (25.00fps)
>Rips DVDs and converts them to PSP-compatible *.mp4
>Includes a profile known to work with PSPTube’s newfound DIVX (DIVX, XVID) support.

KG6ZVP has provided this mirror at MegaUpload.
Via: forums.

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