PSP Universal Unbricker for PSP Slim / PSP Fat


PSP Universal Unbricker for PSP Slim / PSP Fat.

PSP Universal Unbricker for PSP Slim / PSP Fat

Dark_AleX has released a tool that will turn any memory card into a PSP “Magic Memory stick” And can un-brick any PSP Slim or older fat PSP when used in conjunction with a Pandora’s battery unbricks a PSP and installs Custom Firmware 3.71 M33

Good news for any readers that bricked there PSP’s lately.

*All files are needed. (Expect maybe the panadora battery maker if you already have one)

*Please follow the readme file located in the PSP Universal Unbricker for PSP Slim zip


Need help? Try our forum thread here for help.

Source: Dark_AleX

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  1. zzaz3 says:

    Don’t you need the 1.50 sony update too?

  2. PSP-Fan says:

    Yes. Its being uploaded now

  3. killerblack45 says:

    d.g a psp slim to 1.50 ?

  4. PSP-Fan says:

    slim can’t run 1.50 yet..

  5. snoopy says:

    wat if i brik my psp on purpose because i don’t have luminious so i can’t downgrade my psp so if i brik it and den pandora unbrik it will it work that way

  6. PSP-Fan says:

    Yes you can use this to downgrade as well

  7. Krazy says:

    So what all do I have to do in order to use emulators on my psp slim? AIM me plz ~ ssj3gouku

  8. Tom says:

    man i want to hack my slim so bad, but just too scared to attempt it in case i screw it up…

    plus im not so sure if i understand all the steps, which makes me even more nervous about attempting everything.

  9. PSP-Fan says:

    If you dont try then you wont have the custom firmware.

  10. Mark says:

    I have a psp slim with original FW 3.71…Will this work on it?

  11. Pmelo says:

    Why do i get an error stating “This game could not be started?(80020148)

  12. PSP-Fan says:

    do you have it in the folder PSP/GAME ?
    And running this on a custom firmware

  13. pspboy says:

    Do I need to do anything to the .rar file(unbricker/downgrader)?

  14. simple says:

    Is bricking it on purpose and then using this to unbrick it and installing 3.71 on your
    slim, the only way to do it?
    Or can you just install the 3.71 without having to unbrick it.

  15. jon says:

    i have original firmware sonys firmware 3.71 it says the game could not be started (80020148)

  16. yobubr says:

    i did everything but nothing happen…help me pls….can also unbrick new slim model psp2001 ver 3.71 m33? how?

  17. yobubr says:

    is there anymore way to unbrick psp2001 ver 3.71 m33

  18. PSP-Fan says:

    Jon / Yobubr and others, please see this thread. With this easy installer you can get 3.71 M33 customfirmware

  19. Lickenwing says:

    Could you help me? everytime i try to unbrick my slim the process stops at fromatting flash0

  20. Marcus says:

    Use your nand memory back up to restore a bricked slim. If you dont have one search the net for a nand slim memory dump. its about 66mb.

  21. beegs says:

    yo…ok here are some answers for everyone…

    ok first off to install this on ur slim, u need a fat with custom firmware or 1.50 (but cfw is prefered)… to get a cfw fat psp u need to downgrade with the many ways found on, or even better…google

    THEN u can follow the simple instructions in the readme or use this guide to install psp slim cfw 3.71m33

    there are MANY MANY guides online that explain this… you just have to look a bit

    also.. for the error, the reason is that you have SONY’s firmware, so u will hav to wait for a 3.71 fat downgrader OR use someone elses psp

    hope that helps some…

  22. dclipe says:

    Pandora is the best hack out fo the psp both phat and slim…well thats my opinion…i’ve been messing around with my flash0 ever since i got the pandora.

  23. Nicholas says:

    Hmmm… Will this work for my psp fw 3.72? I don’t wanna brick my psp.

  24. vdrod says:

    Hi, i need help!! it’s my first psp. I want to play psp games in my ms! please someone say how??

  25. selorm says:

    fanboys da best

  26. justin says:

    i’ve unbricked my psp successfully with this method, thanks alot
    but when i tried to recover my p-battery by running p-battery creator on my just-unbricked psp
    which is now already cfw 3.71 m33-2, it didnt work
    is it supposed to be able to run homebrew after all the pandora work and 1.50 add on?
    i could only run nester j, but not snes9xtyl, daedalus, and mame
    please guys, i appreciate for your helps

  27. Abyssus says:

    Updatge 3.40, file headers damaged on the zip. Reupload needed.

  28. maijo says:

    help me downgrade my psp 3.95 without pandora or even magic mem stick pls…..

  29. maijo says:

    any geek plss!help!i cant play cso files on my psp 3.95….plss!dark alex help me!

  30. james says:

    can you also help me i have got version 3.95 and i want to get a gba emu can you help me without having to downgrade pls

  31. rocstar688 says:

    i have a normal slim silver psp that is bricked i tried using a pandora battery and magic memory stick and it wont come back it says that 3.90 or 3.80 are installed when i use either but it still wont come on just the green light and that is it. i tried 3.71 but it stops and says cannot decrypt common table and shuts off. is this something simple that i am missing

  32. Dhaval Patel says:

    I have PSP FAT and i upgraded it to 4.01 now can i degraded it with out Pandora battery…the recovery menu is not coming with R button

  33. alfa199 says:


  34. ME says:


  35. YOUR MOM says:

    UMM i think i have a fat psp (1001 series or something) xDD
    can i hack it ????