PSP Touch Screen Mod – PSPZ


Introducing Jube’s PSP touch screen project called PSPZ. Now this is really interesting, a PSP with a touch screen!!

Jubes tells us that the code will be released soon, we are not sure what the hardward that is used. Purhaps a PDA touch screen?

Source: dcemu

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  1. PSP-Fan says:

    This is quite a crazy mod, a PSP with a touch screen…Who would have thought it was even possible.

  2. dimy93 says:

    The important here is that the touch screen has a software to work with

  3. Gurbz says:

    dimy brings up a good point , whats the point of a touch screen if theres no software or programs that it could work with? I’d rather get the official stuff with fully supported games

  4. Vicious says:

    I think its fake, you cant even see if its an actual psp or just a pda. So for now, its on my list of fakes until we see the actual psp itself with the functioning touch screen

  5. YouSofaKingWeToddDid says:

    Cool, although there is another video that seems to be fake so i dont know how real this one is. It seems well done tho

  6. Liarrr says:

    i think its a fake video.. we cant even see if its a psp..totally fake

  7. matt says:

    hey u guys i hope u realize he could have just used the very old but simple technique of just pausing and playing to modify the video to make it look lik its touch. That my friends is what you call your first class bullshitter- its fake

  8. Namelesswonder says:

    Just don’t use a DS-related touch screen, Use one like the iPhone has. :/

  9. the_joker says:

    thats a lie