PSP Slim Super Nintendo emulator


PSP Slim Super Nintendo emulator:

PSP Slim Super Nintendo emulator

Ahmanīs has ported YoyoFR’s Super Nintendo emulator. Snes9xTYL is now compatible with 3.xx firmwares on the PSP Slim. Thanks to Ahman.

This port removes the mass storage support, allowing it to work in 2.xx and 3.xx kernals. Good news for PSP Slim owners out there which 1.50 kernals arenīt supported (yet..).

To install, simply put the Snes9xTYL folder in 3.xx (in the zip file) into your PSP slimīs PSP/GAME360 folder.

Trouble shooting: Make sure the snes9xTYL folder is in the GAME360 folder of your PSP. Also check the GAME360 folder wasnīt created manually, but when the memory card was formated in the PSP Slim.

Note: I haven’t gotten this to work fully myself, first this doesn’t work with CWcheats. It boots but won’t find my roms for some reason. Anyone else having trouble? Post a comment if so. – PSPFan


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  1. Chris says:

    does it need a bios?

  2. Chris says:

    we’ll i downloaded and it said file was currurted see i got the 5.03 psp 3000 hen

  3. Kickthedurt91 says:

    good very good.