PSP Screenshot plug-in for 3.71 M33


PSP Screenshot plug-in for 3.71 M33:

Just when I was think how I’m I going to take screenshots for this site on the newly released M33 3.71 Firmware ketchup and Coolj have released this screen shot plug-in for M33 3.71 users.

PSP Screenshot plug-in

This screenshot was taken with the plug-in. On my PSP Slim.



* Copy capture.prx to the

:\seplugins folder* Edit (or create) the following files,

:\seplugins\vsh.txt :\seplugins\game.txt In each file add a new line (at the top) that reads,ms0:/seplugins/capture.prx* Restart the PSP (holding R) to enter Recovery Mode* In the Plugins-> section enable the screen.prx in the [GAME”] and/or [VSH”] then
go Back and Exit.* Take a screenshot with the HOLD Button.

Thanks ketchup and Coolj for this great plug-in.



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  1. PSP-Fan says:

    Works ok in the XMB, but crashes games… :(

  2. Darreb says:

    Does the download work for normal psp or does it only work for psp slims?



  3. PSP-Fan says:

    Custom Firmware 3.71 Normal PSP or PSP Slim.

    I suggest using CWCheat to take screen shots :) Its better. This is only good for the XMB.

  4. […] Seems the link is dead. All it takes is 5 seconds on google and common sense to find the link: PSP Screenshot plug-in for 3.71 M33 PSP Slim Hacks Anywho, I started playing my PSX games on my m33 firmware. And before I play, it asks me if I want […]

  5. Jamie says:

    WHen i ever i push down on the hold button, it wont take a screenshot =(
    i have both the hame and the vsh enabled, why won’t it work?

  6. Spinky says:

    Um, there’s no file called “capture.prx” in this zip. Do you mean “screen.prx”?

  7. spoonman says:

    works with M33 3.90, but it crashes if you take a screen shot of a game while it’s reading from the memory card. Would be nice if this could be fixed. Otherwise it’s a nice app. Thanks

  8. Eddie says:

    I copied screenprx to the plugins folder but i cant find where you put the vsh.txt thing.

  9. Mike says:

    this works great for me 3.71 M33-2 movies,games etc thanks for great guide

  10. Mike says:

    o and i tested on fat psp works great

  11. SS501 says:

    Thank A Lot ^^

    Cool !!