PSP Quake Installer



PSP Quake Easy Installer

I have created a easy installer since some users are having trouble installing Quake 1.0 that was recently released. This easy installer includes the Quake shareware demo ID folder and WAD file so your all ready to play Quake 1 on your Playstation Portable after installation.

Installs the hardware accelerated version of PSP Quake 1.00 firmware 3.xx (PSP Slim)

Instructions: Download the installer, run it and follow the on screen instructions.

Download: PSP Quake Easy Installer
(PSP Quake Easy Installer - 10.4 MiB - 34,486 Hits)

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  1. James_Dee says:

    Thanks for this! I am now up & running Quake on my Slim 3.71 M33-3 :)

    Should mention though that although the installer asks me to browse to my mem stick’s psp\game folder – which I do – it then goes ahead & installs it to my pc’s program files folder. This isn’t a problem, as I just dragged & dropped PSP Quake folder from my C:\Program Files\PSP Quake 1.0 Easy installer\ to my mem stick’s psp\game\ folder

    Thanks again!

  2. flashNZ says:

    yeah its the same here, but once again it doesnt matter becasue i couldnt get this to work when i tried, but your coolness saved me! :P

  3. PSP-Fan says:

    Hmm don’t know why its installing there I will check the installer. It installed on my memery stick after browsing to PSP\GAME.

    Not sure why I will check the settings.

  4. PSP-Fan says:

    Ok the file will install to where you point it now not C:\Program Files

  5. Jobe says:

    ummm…mp3 doesnt work, console is saying ”
    Couldn’t find ms0:/PSP/GAME/QUAKE\MP32.mp3″ (and the slashes are just like that, wrong way round)
    BUT…good emulation :D

  6. James_Dee says:

    Hi Jobe,
    For music to work it says that they need to be in the mp3 folder, ie:
    AND that they need to be named either:
    01.mp3, 02.mp2, or 03.mp3
    I haven’t tested this yet tho, so can’t confirm. This game’s really kool even without music!

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  8. J0rma says:

    “the could not be started” my psp sayed

  9. spy966 says:

    Installed like a charm
    The game runs just as smooth as on the PC back in the day man!

  10. ron lesser says:

    have a psp slim try ti install game this is what i get 80020148

  11. Dyslexic_Cow says:

    Fantastic work here. The emulation is the best i have seen in years, freaking awesome frames. It looks crisp and clear. Setting the controls is very easy and they are very responsive. Best of all it works flawlessly on my phat with 3.90 m33. Thank You very much for bringing back hours of entertainment without having to lug around a huge freaking monitor… lol

  12. bob says:

    it no work on mine it shows up but no work plz help

  13. BossinG says:

    thanks!! it works for me!!

  14. SuicideB says:

    hey same error as ron lesser..
    help please.

  15. lewis says:

    i cannot install this i need help

  16. eddy says:

    lol waw this actually works lol i loved this game love it nice…thanks

  17. er!c says:

    hey, does anyone know where I can get the music? If it’s illegal, null this request, but I honestly don’t know.

    I read the bit about the mp3 installation (thanks James_Dee) but I don’t know where to get the actual soundtrack.

    It’s still awesome without the music, but music adds a lot to the game. Imagine Doom without music O_o

  18. donimusismyhero says:

    How do I get the full version to work? I copied the full version’s ID1 folder, but it still has the Help/Ordering Info menu and Shareware stuff.

  19. albert says:

    Im having trouble connecting 2 psp at once for online. I did it before but now it doesnt work. Any suggestions?

  20. albert says:

    i would love to play online and experience the hype

  21. albert says:

    can you make pro quake for psp?

  22. Mytort says:

    Fank’s a lot