PSP Power Controller v4.4b released!


The developer SnyFbSx has released an update of his application called PSP Power Controller that happening now in version 4.4b. This can display various information on your PSP, then you can set the brightness level the PSP or turn it off automatically after a certain period of time and even more options.


[L / R] + [△] Sleep

[L / R] + [□]: Restart

[L / R] + [○]: Supply OFF

[L / R] + [Note]: Battery View


– CPU Clock add to menu

– The icons are displayed in the game mode

– Fixed a bug in 6.38

– Fixed a bug in the ini file when OFW is enabled.


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  1. miles says:

    first to comment hahahahhahhaha

  2. bledszy says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaa i second to comment yeaahhh. And seriously bug me is the people writing these comments do not furnishing to the topic or not related to him.

  3. miles says:

    another great apps for psp.. keep it up guys…. hope next apps is to transform psp with tv in reality.. not by using youtube or net..

  4. frince9000 says:

    third one

  5. RIckY says:

    how to change the color ??? I added color code ffffff , but not working !!

  6. PSP4ever says:


  7. astroshadow666 says:

    another useless plugin

  8. GDRAGGON says:

    Will this work on 6.35 PRO-B5 ? Because i do everything and nothing happened

  9. XxdarkwavexX says:

    useless shit that nobody needs!
    what’s new?? r__r

  10. jayrs says:

    Can you use this on homebrew?

  11. Beldra says:

    it’s true that these plug ins are useless! O_O

  12. ZeroZX says:

    Why do people feel the need to constantly complain about developers work not all developers are top notch coders for the psp but you got to start somewhere and all coders start from the same place the bottom and then they work their way up to become great so shut up and let the coders work

    By the way nice program

  13. Orax says:

    If you don’t like it, DON’T USE IT. And shut your faces.

  14. scythe says:

    really useless app