PSP Pandora Deluxe v3.0


Version 3.0 of DJB’s PSP Pandora Deluxe has just been released.

Here’s the changelog:

v3.0 (2008-12-19)
– Added Despertar Cementerio v8.
– Updated the following Support Tools:
Hold+ 3.42 (XMB)

Download via forums.

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  • JJ

    mate when i put on my psp it says data is corrupted what setting do i have to change

  • eric

    you dont put it on your psp… you leave it on your computer and use it with your psp when it is hooked up to your computer…

  • rath

    my psp v4.20 can i use pandora v3.0 or not?
    my psp can play iso file or not?
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  • PrimeTime

    i am tha PSP Kane… not king

  • I_Robot

    I just want to know i have a psp v5.03 and if i use this with the pandora battery will i be able to play iso file games. CHEERS

  • trinos

    hello.. is there any pandora that can work if my psp is in v5.03??

  • Goroo

    any Pandora will work just make sure you have a CFW PSP to make the battery and MMS.