PSP Pandora Deluxe v3.3



Your all in one Pandora tool has been updated to version 3.3, Now includes, XGEN Installer v5 (both normal and Pandora), CXMB (for Firmwares 3.71 – 5.50), Hold+ 3.8 and PSP Filer 6.4. Due to the extra programs and firmwares included the download is now over 70Mb+ So if your on a slow connection just be wary that it might take a while to download…

What is PSP Pandora Deluxe? Its program designed to prepare your PSP Memory Stick to be used with the Pandora Battery. Unfortunately this program can not change your Battery to Pandora, however it will copy programs to the Memory Stick in order for you to do this yourself.

What it does:

– Formats your PSP Memory Stick with or without MSPFormat.
– Installs the TimeMachine IPL to the Memory Stick.
– Checks the Internet for any new versions.
– Loads and Saves Configurations.
– Allows you to select which buttons to use to boot your PSP.
– Copy Official Firmwares 1.50, 3.71, 3.80, 3.90, 4.01, 5.00, and 5.50 to your PSP.
– Installs jas0nuk’s Pandora ELF+PBP Menu to access all the programs.
– Installs Hellcats Pandora Installer to your PSP.
– Installs the M33 1.50 Kernel Addon Installers to your PSP.
– Installs POPSLoader (3.30, 3.40, 3.51, 3.72, 3.80, 3.90, 4.01) to your PSP.
– Installs the Noobz Pandora 1.50 Downgrader to your PSP.
– Installs Despertar Cementerio v3 to your PSP.
– Installs Despertar Cementerio v4 to your PSP.
– Installs Despertar Cementerio v5 to your PSP.
– Installs Despertar Cementerio v7 to your PSP.
– Installs Despertar Cementerio v8 to your PSP.
– Installs Time Machine v0.1 to your PSP.
– Installs XGEN Installer v5 to your PSP.
– Installs Support Tools executable from either Pandora or XMB.
5.00 M33-6 Custom Firmware Installer
Config Cleaner 3.00
CPU-Modulator 0.20
Custom Firmware Extender 3.1
CW Cheat 0.2.2 Rev D
CXMB 3.71-5.50
FuSa screenShoot 1.1
FuSa SD 1.0.50b
Hold+ 3.8
JoySens 1.42b
KeyCleaner 1.4
MemoryStick-Tool v1.5
nandTool 0.40 Final NEO
PSARDumper (with PSP 3000 .prx support)
PSP Filer 6.4
Recovery Flasher 1.60 by Hellcat
UMDrip 4
XGEN v5 (5.50 GEN-D3)

Source: PSP-Hq

Download: PSP Pandora Deluxe 3.3 (Offsite mirror)
(PSP Pandora Deluxe 3.3 (Offsite mirror) - 70.1 MiB - 22,700 Hits)

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  1. 3000hackerboy says:

    nice a pandora installer oh yah

  2. Silver3ice says:

    su wait, does thiz work with my PSP 3k version 6.10…

  3. iGEN says:

    No. Pandora does not work on that.


    Can you install the software that it comes with independently? That would be nice. Also would be cool if Ultimate vshmenu was put on there.

  4. Skyline969 says:

    It downloaded without a file extension. What am I supposed to add to the end of it (.exe, .zip, .rar)?
    And a suggestion PSPFan, MediaFire is a much better file hosting website, and it’s free. You get one download speed, and you don’t have to wait a minute to download a file.

  5. Doritoes says:

    All in one and fun for all!

  6. pspfortress says:

    is it possible to work on psp2k with ta88v3 mobo using this psp.pan.deluxe??

  7. DarkOne says:

    when i choose the eboot file for 5.50 or 5.00, i get the followinr erro:
    Cannot copy the file, disk error.

    please help

  8. androidhen says:

    if its possible could you upload also to thanx! i have trouble downloading cause i have slow connection and i can’t use download manager. thanx again!

  9. vin says:

    i cant believe it! first the files are saved as something random like .ppd and then i extracted on of them and IT SAYS PASSWORD PROTECTED!!! this is so cheap EVERYTHING IS MADE WITH SOMEONE ELSES WORK!!!

  10. DarkOne says:

    cant copy the eboots, getting an error
    Cannot copy the file, disk error.

    please help

  11. Mr.RevhAckez says:

    It downloaded without a file extension…wat do i do now?

  12. Jeffski says:

    Does anyone know of a program that can make a Pandora battery? I have a 3k with 5.03 gen-c and my friend has a psp 1k with ofw… i wanted to make his battery a Pandora…

    • vin says:

      3000s cant make pandora battery
      all 1000s can and ta 85 2000s can
      NO other PSP can pandorize a battery

  13. noney_31588 says:

    unknow file=thats wat i always get wen i DL it…

  14. chester04 says:

    hi, can i make pandora using psp2001 mobo: TA-085v2? thanks

  15. Panda Yingpav says:

    when it issue update more again?