PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires Installer for PSP Slim


PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires Installer for PSP Slim:

PSP MAME4ALL Installer for PSP Slim

PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires

Much like my installer for Quake, I have built an installer for the just released PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires . This installer will easily install the files needed to get playing your favorite MAME arcade games. This is for the PSP Slim cfw 3.xx+ All that’s required your end is to point the installer to your PSP memory stick and then copy roms to the rom folder of this installation on your Playstation Portable. Easy as Pie!

*Credit to TTYMan for making this PSP emulator.

Download: PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires Installer for PSP Slim
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  • James_Dee

    Where’s the best place to get compatible ROMs for this? I wana try this out, but have had problems with alot of ROMs in the past :(

    • lb8068

      I, personally, use It does require a sign-up, but after that it’s very simple to get a few good ROMs.

  • PSP-Fan

    Just search on google for mame roms, I’m sure you’ll find something

  • James_Dee

    Yeh I know, I’ve found plenty of mame roms, but only a v.few that are compatible. Cheers for the response tho’

  • http://x flashNZ

    it comes up as corrupt for me?

  • http://x flashNZ

    ok ive found out why, the folder name is too long, you must shorten it down for it not to show up corrupt

  • TIM

    I get a ‘can not start game’ error, running 3.60 on slimlite, I have a umd with 3.71 on it, should i upgrade to that?

  • surge

    I’m assuming you’re running Custom Firmware 3.60 M33 – because if you’re running a official Sony firmware 3.60 this isn’t going to work at all… But I might suggest upgrading to 3.71 M33-3 – I had the same problem in the past with one of the SNES emulators not working on my slim with 3.60 M33 and upgrading to the 3.71 M33-3 cleared it right up.

  • Eikcid

    will this mame emulator work with 3.71 m33-1

  • http://x flashNZ

    itl work with any CFW…well it should :P

  • 713Tex

    Should the roms be zipped and then placed in the roms folder?

  • Zep2000

    I have custom FW 3.60 M33, I place it within /PSP/GAME and put all zipped roms in /PSP/GAME/MAME/ROM and it doesn’t work, loading it normally crashes and loading it with eLoader says “Coun’t find module…”
    Did I do something wrong, I picked the version for firmware 1.xx, not the one for user mode (don’t know what this means anyway)

  • Zep2000

    Tested this specific version, it works apparently, slow, but it works. Seems your build rulez man

  • Pspslimuser2

    I made it through the intallation but when i put my MAME downloaded games came from the to /PSP/GAME/MAME/ROM and it does’t work at all! It says

    “ERROR: NO AVAILABLE GAMES FOUND” I’m using 3.71 m33-3


  • PSP-Fan

    Make sure they are support roms, not all games work. And that they are named correctly

  • Zro Dfects

    Can someone help me please, still a little new with the PSP LITE of mine which i got about 3 days ago…. i have installed Mame4AllPSP v4.9r2 and the program icon shows up and when i click on it the program starts and i think cool but about 3 seconds later is says “The game cold not be started (80020148)”…… what am i doing wrong….im using fw 3.72..

    any help would be great thanks…….

  • Zro Dfects

    Also to add to my post above that other emulators say that exact same thing……….. do i need to install something else?????????


  • http://[email protected] Zack

    Hi, I would like to install mame4all. Downloaded but cannot understand instructions. Is there a simpler instruction list. Do I need to downgrade the rom ?

  • Mike


    Can somebody please publish an idiots guide to installing mame4all.

  • Rolf

    I have same problem as Zro Dfects. I did not see any answer. I, too, would love to play my MAME games! My fw now is 3.73 (or is that software version?) I get same error when trying to run MAME. Can anyone help please?

  • bad wolf

    you must have an original UMD game inside your PSP. Then find your MAME from MS, run it and everything will work fine

  • DaUrbz

    how do u get this working on cfw 4.01m33-2? on a slim?

  • DaUrbz2

    never mind i got it working. thanks though

  • http://- shigekazu

    Roms u can find on

  • rampage

    i downloaded mameforall and have been trying everything to get it to work but i get the same error message no games found. I have the mame icon but i cannot get mame roms to play. i am running cfw 4.01 m33-2.

  • napullilo

    hello i have a psp slim cfw 4.01 m33 and i am looking for a ps1 emulator for my psp. does anybody know where i can download a ps1 emulator and how to make it work. i would appreciate it

  • michaelmark

    I got the same error “NO AVAILABLE GAMES FOUND”,if anyone knows what can i do.
    send me mail:[email protected]
    Thank for all~


    Everybody it works onany firmware ive got 500m33 see and i got 1 rom to go but i need more consistancy

  • Greg

    I have the new PSP-3000 Rachet & Clank bundle. Will this work on that version of the PSP?

    • nater

      nope. The 3000 does not support homebrew yet. There are some changes coming with an exploit found in Gripshift.

  • lucas

    need cache?

  • Nelsirhc

    Damn..!! Can’t find any games with this MAME..!! I’ll search all MAME roms in google then no one works.. piece of $#%!..

  • MateoGodlike

    Works on my 500m33-6 :] thanks

  • larry

    works with hen2 and psp 3000

  • bortz

    does street fighter 3rd strike work???

  • Hao

    this emulator works for me .. but when i put games in roms folder . everytime i run the mame keep coming out ” error: no available games found ” i have try to download from many source but still same message . i did put it in roms folder all the game , anyone can help me :(

  • Nanook

    Does anyone know if this version supports a save state function? Some of the MAME games are VERY long (i.e. Rastan) and are impossible without being able to save and come back…..

  • mwlk

    great work! so this works for any mame rom?

  • Luislopez125xiv

    hey it dose not work on cfw 6.39 pro-b 7

  • Powerslave0

    Does not work with Pro 6.60 B10 or B10.  It freezes up at the game options screen, right before you can launch the game.

  • Powerslave0

    IT works with 6.20 Permanent, but I fog rid of that unit…  I meant, it does not work with 6.60 B09 or B10, the freez-up thing.

  • JacksPSP

    Same Freezing with Mame – will there be a fix for this !?? Running 6.60 PRO-B10


    will this work on psp3000

  • illution

    It says “error: no available games found” What kind of mame roms do you need to use?

  • abhishek cherath prakash

    does not load ROMs.recognises them but loading fails.

  • Dual_Heart

    DOES NOT WORK WITH 6.60! So stop asking!

  • Slavemime

    hey got it working with my 6.60!

  • Slavemime

    oh wait i dint

  • Nebu26

    frezze 6.39 pro b8

  • Mehram30

    i m very tensed..:-(…if any 1 found working mame for psp 3004 nd 6.39…send me link through e-mail..thnk u..([email protected])

  • Karanlikkose

    for 6.60 PRO-B10 just up your clock speed to 333 in; 
    “pro vhs menu>recovery menu>cpu speed>came cpu/bus>333/166″

  • funkYOU

    garbage doesnt work