PSP Installer 1.0. Download Games, Apps and more from your PSP

PSP Installer 1.0. Download Games, Apps and more from your PSP.

PSP Installer 1.0. Download Games, Apps and more from your PSP.

PSP homebrew developer Spike132000 has released PSP installer v1.0. This cool application lets you install homebrew games, applications, get save games and themes all from your PSP (With a Wifi connection of course!) The program is out of beta and is now self updating too.

PSP Installer 1.0 Changelog:

  • Added: Categories, now everything is split into 4 categories, Games, Applications, Theme’s and Savegames
  • Fixed: If you choose a blank option on the browse page, it will initiate your wlan but then tell you it’s unable to download a blank application
  • Unfixable: Deletion of Zip file’s. There’s a bug in PGELua that prevents zip files to be closed, so since there still classed as open and in use, they can’t be deleted.
  • Fixed: When updating database, current database version text changed to latest database version text when it should have stayed at current database version text… it’s hard to explain.. anyway it’s fixed
  • The change source option on the front screen has now been changed to “Download Latest Version.” This means that you can now download the latest version of PSPInstaller from within the application itself.

Source: qj

Download: PSP Installer 1.0
(PSP Installer 1.0 - 1.2 MiB - 25,742 Hits)

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  • fallen666shadow

    Applications are considered plug-ins, right?

    • Smoker1

      Depends. Applications could be Plug-ins or Add-ons or extras. Or a Application could be a Homebrew App like the BookR (a app that allows you to read EBooks on your PSP).
      But I just downloaded this and it is a waist.
      Update database resets PSP
      Update latest Version gives you a error
      When looking at the Browse section, all tabs show “by” and nothing more.

    • wdfowty

      no, plugins are settings you activate in the recovery, then select in the vsh menu. apps are homebrew programs you run on your psp. psp installer would be considered an application. i applaud you on posting a relevant first comment though, instead of “1ST COMMENT OMG!!!”. kudos

    • liquorice

      No. Plugins are plugins, and applications are applications. Like for example, plugins for psp are the .PRX files, those files that you put in your SEPLUGIN folder, and can only access via the recovery menu. For applications, its made up of .PBP extension, folders to be put on your PSP/GAME/ folder.

      • skylinekid17

        exactly what he said lol

  • d7laungani

    2 nd comment ha but when i try to download something it cannot unzip the file why

  • d7laungani


  • wdfowty

    sweet! now if only i could get my psp to co-exist with my router setup…lol

  • PSP-2010

    will try soon.

  • lxcainxl

    Great idea!
    Reminds me of the Homebrew Installer for the Wii.

    • VGP12

      Exactly what I was thinking. Wev’e needed this kind of thing for a while, i’ve always wondered when someone was going to make it. But, obviously, it still has lots of bugs :0

  • Kagemaru

    so, im checking this out, and i’ve come to find that a lot of categories dont have much in them, unless “by” is a game save, an app, and a game all at once, and there’s multiple different versions of it. seriously, in games theres a snake clone, and then by,by,by,by,by,by…. ect. in apps there’s Filer 6.4 by N/A, and then by,by,by,by,by..ect. and game saves has nothing but by’s in it. is there just nothing there or is something up here? theme’s seems to have a bit more in it though, so those looking to make their PSP pretty looking, this is not a BAD choice for you.

  • Shiny

    someone knows how to get the mail of the developer? i have an idea to fix his unfixeable bug

  • jesper

    i tried it out and i have to be honest, its not that great. it has a nice interface and all but it needs to a lot more games/apps. Some things to add in a future release
    -Many more homebrew games/apps and emulators
    -A loading bar for the downloads to show the progress
    -reviews and info about the games/apps
    -Demos of real games
    -Music/video (?)

  • tugaPT

    cool windons 7 theme

  • Altair

    is like going to be like cydia for iphone?

  • Angelo

    According to all the comments here, I’m not even going to try it out.. :P

  • DJxOtaku

    well wtf, when i download it, theres nothing in the .zip file

  • Doritoes

    It’ll get better, but I just use netfront 4 browser to download files, the psp’s built-in browser is lame.

    • DJxOtaku

      oh nvm, re-downloaded it, its in there lol, and dont complain about there not being much to download, this just came out and will be updated as stuff releases….

    • skylinekid17

      yeah. its that stupid conserve memory crap.

  • skylinekid17

    yo wth is this? one game a couple of themes ummmm yeah i think its just this way for now. im holding onto it for a while.

  • Cortand

    How do i put this to my PSP?

  • Cortand

    I need to know how to put this file into my PSP to work, your talking all high tech stuff and i dont get what your saying

    • DJxOtaku

      you put in in the PSP/GAME folder….

      • skylinekid17

        not worth it nothing much available

  • VGP12

    Hopefully this will get better not a single good comment lol they should complete it before releasing it

  • Hans-Mo

    Hi peeps, could be me ofcourse but it just says corrupt data when I vieuw the dir on my psp.

  • Cortand

    Yer, when i put the folder into my PSP memory card and into the GAME folder it just says corrupt data. Do i need to extract it or i need another program.

    • Volt7x

      You need custom firmware installed.
      Okay, how about you go Google that, then only come back if you actually have a worthwhile question.

      • skylinekid17

        hahahaha thats messed up!

  • psxcowiteboy

    If this isnt working for you its because they had a bug with it and are working on a fix. so this version is pretty much dead.

  • Trimpers

    psp say data corrupted

  • jack collins

    Thanks it works great, but it does take a long time to download anything

  • Markomarko11

     psp say data corrupted

    • psplover

      first start CFW then use this app…..might help ya :D

  • Mmichael164

    how on earth does dis work ??

  • Dhaneya_2000

    this is useless.. its not working

    • TheMeq

      Use PSPInstaller 10 :)


    When I try to download anything, I get an error about the zip file.

  • Bsma1000

    psp say data corrupted

  • georgia

    Download the program of the games in psp pleas I am georgian i want download psp games