PSP Hack: Font Mod for 6.20 OFW via PSP Filer and HBL



Thanks to MaX SLayeR A new fresh hack is out for the PSP Go or any OFW 6.20 PSP, via PSP Filer 4.4 and with the help of the Half Byte Loader (HBL) we’re now able to access flash1 and hack the font’s of our beloved PSP Go’s with 6.20 OFW.

Before we go any further with this, we just need to point out that touching your PSP’s NAND flash is risky business. It could in fact leave you with a plastic brick for a PSP. You’ll been warned ok, if you want to take this risk. Read on….

The steps involved are not as hard as they it look, but I’ll try and be as clear as possible:

  1. Download a copy of HBL rev .85 and the Papaton 2 demo thats needed to run the save game exploit/HBL.
  2. Download the Font Mod Hack + PSP Filer + Xvi32 Hex editor pack. (Below)
  3. Start up the HBL, load PSP Filer 4.4 and then once loaded go into hacker mode (R + Left)
  4. Move to flash1 by pressing start
  5. Copy the registry folder over to the memory stick pr mass memory
  6. Open the system.dreg file in the included hex editor XVI32 or use your own hex editor
  7. Change flash0:/font to now read “ms0:/fontmod” If you have a PSP Go change it too “ef0:/fontmod”. Save it.
  8. Move the files from the registry folder over a new folder with the files from fixupreg3 in it and then run the .exe
  9. Move the new registry files back on the memory stick / mass memory
  10. Now move the fontmod folder in the root of the memory stick / mass memory
  11. Run HBL again, then load PSP Filer once again entering hacker mode.
  12. Now in PSP Filer copy the registry files from the memory stick to flash1:/registry/ (overwrite them)
  13. Your done, exit PSP Filer and your new font should show up.

Source: PlaystationLandia (Italian)

Download: Patapon 2 Demo (USA)
(Patapon 2 Demo (USA) - 99.2 MiB - 113,543 Hits)

Download: HBL Rev 109 Stable For Patapon 2 Exploit and up to OFW 6.20
(HBL Rev 109 Stable For Patapon 2 Exploit and up to OFW 6.20 - 556.7 KiB - 27,497 Hits)

Download: Font Mod Hack + PSP Filer + Xvi32 Hex editor pack.
(Font Mod Hack + PSP Filer + Xvi32 Hex editor pack. - 3.5 MiB - 5,943 Hits)

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  1. Blade says:

    by the way, i was using a psp 3000 OFW 5.50 when performing those steps

  2. shivamthedarklord says:

    hey @BLADE i did everything as u said thnxx for posting dat btw……..after all dis i get BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH AND IT SAYS PRESS O WHEN I DO SO SETTINGS GET RESET!!! did it 10 times same thing over and over plz help im jst so near………….:(

    • Blade says:

      well i made a video of how to do it. its not the best video, but it should help. but how do i upload to the forum? or can i send it via email? does this forum have P.M.?

      • Blade says:

        are you using a psp go? if so, put the fontmod folder in the mass memory as stated in the forums instructions, which i didnt put in mine

  3. shivamthedarklord says:

    hey im on 3004 with 6.20………see what we can do is SIMPLY email me the system.dreg and system.ireg files after doing everything with them i.e putting them in fixupreg and all……k? Then well see if it works…….

  4. V3NOM says:

    i try this..but nothing change with my font..what should i do??

    btw im using 3006 with 6.20

  5. […] psp Exploit! this looks great! PSP Hack: Font Mod for 6.20 OFW via PSP Filer and HBL, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks it looks great and access to flash 0 downgrader coming out soon! this place needs t be brought […]

  6. shivamthedarklord says:

    hey blade send the files to shivam _ hi @ y a h o o (dot) in remove spaces and all…..thnxx

  7. shivamthedarklord says:

    or upload it to megaupload whichever way u find best…………

  8. psp go 6.20 says:

    hoped cfw will come out soon

  9. ndrew5689 says:

    i’ll pay anyone to help me downgrade my psp 3000 v.6.2. just reply back here and i’ll get to u

    • psp go 6.20 says:

      im sorry but i think theres no cfw yet for version 6.20,,,just hope it will come out soon because im also tired of waiting for my psp go 6.20 to be downgraded

  10. pairjay says:

    same to i have psp 3006 6.20.. does this software help me to run iso/cso game in my psp? if cannot, how am I going to run it?

  11. del says:

    WHen we can downgrade psp 3000 with 6.20?

  12. Blade says:

    we will be able to downgrade when we find an exploit for the flash mem and can access all partitions of it, which seems pretty much impossible right now. although teem typhoon claims to have cfw, they say they will NEVER release it…

  13. Blade says:

    there is currently no way to run iso\cso games on 300X 5.50+. but there is something called koens loader that is said to be in development to run iso’s. they have some versions of it released but it does not run anything yet. but im not gonna mess with it until there is evidence\proof from a trusted source of this being a safe and working program…

  14. byron says:

    hi im byron… im using PSP 3006 Version 6.20… how can i hack this version so that i can use iso/cso games??? is there a way to hack that or possibly downgrade it? hope you can help me… thanks…

  15. JCSeto says:

    I tried on my PSP Go. 6:20.
    After I quit from Filer, It worked good.
    But after I reboot, it showed the blue screen.
    It fixed it self after I pressed O button as it told me to, luckly.

    Btw, I used the System memory for the FontMod.

    Now I saw comment by Blade, and he is saying for PSPgo, use the Mass memory.
    What is Mass memory? Is that M2? or system memory.
    Please help me.