PSP GTA: Liberty City Stories & Vice City double pack

PSP GTA Liberty City Stories + Vice city double pack

GTA Libery City Stories + Vice City double pack

Rockstar have announced they will be releasing a PSP GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice city double pack for GTA fans out there. It will be decently priced at €29.99 (aprox $40). It should be available from tomorrow. While we think its a little late, you can a least grab a copy of two of the systems best games for a very good price. Even if its just to warm up to the GTA world on our PSP’s once again while we all wait for release of GTA: Chinatown Wars.

PSP gta-vice-city-stories

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  1. RAHUL says:

    i have both!

  2. armadia16 says:

    will there be 2 umds packed in one box? this is cool..

  3. Angelo says:

    Released today? That’s odd I saw this last week in the store..

  4. Altair says:

    why not both on 1 disc?

  5. Barrosinha says:

    onde e que se faz o download do gta