PSP Grader v008


PSP developers RainMotorsports & Klutsch have released PSP Grader v008. This is Windows applicaation that creates magic memory sticks to use in conjunction with a Pandora battery.

PSP Grader 8

PSP Grader 8


* Download the eboot straight from the app!
* Load eboots stored in ZIP files.

Coming Soon:

* RAR & 7z Loading – Rar loading didn’t make the port to pascal but only due to time restraints, it and 7zip loading are planned!
* Backup Script – Once again due to time constraints a backup function didn’t make it. Grader never had one and mine never worked to begin with so I put this off till it could be done right!
* SPEED – While this app is no slower than anything I have written before it is slower than Grader 6. We have already begun finding ways to speed up the app and it will be sped up soon!

Download: PSP Downgrader Version 008
(PSP Downgrader Version 008 - 20.9 MiB - 623,526 Hits)

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  1. Mario says:

    Great another useless program!!! There’s so many programs that creates Magic Memory Stick ,we don’t need another!!! :( How about psp 4.1 with Ta-88 v3 ???

    • PSP-Fan says:

      Yeah they all much the same…At least we have a selection :)

    • spiderjhem21 says:

      yeah i agree with mario how about this 4.01 version.. i think i have thesame problem right now with mario, we can not downgrade our psp we really need your help guys…

      • kardo07 says:

        “i think that too, sorry guys but we need help” i start to hate that PSP 4.1 with Ta-88 v3 but, my psp is 5.5 with Ta-88 v3 i hated twice, but i loved at same way…

  2. vin says:

    yes that´s true. such a shit, RainMotorsports & Klutsch did u saw Rain´s UltraLite MMS Maker (for 5.00 M33-4)???
    The program (Rain´s UltraLite MMS Maker (for 5.00 M33-4) works perfectly, why do u create another and well on which CFW this new program flashs?
    But the V3-boards are still “unhackly”!!!
    I read that the IPL of the boards is hacked so come on this must go a bit quicker!!!

  3. Menos says:

    the default avys changed! XD

  4. coolmex says:

    naw this app actually works for me and is super easy to use

  5. Rovdjur says:

    I get a format error when I try to make a MMS, why?

  6. minh says:

    why can i not get an ipl file on my mms? it says it cannot be injected

  7. Andril says:

    This app is worth the wait and helped me get on the right track – keep up the good work

  8. mrgubs says:

    I disagree with Mario.
    Ive used the PSP Grader series and it has worked fine for me.
    There completely simple and easy to use.
    Its good that there are so many types of PSP downgraders because different
    people perfer different types of downgraders.
    Like me, like I said, I perfer them nice, simple and easy. :)
    :):):)ROCK ON PSP GRADER!!! :):):)

  9. Will says:

    PSP Grader seems to take absolouteley AGES!! for me.
    I left it on for around an hour and it did not finish.
    I thought oh yeah this will work great as PSP Grader 5 made my MMS in about 30 seconds.
    I’m really dissapointed with PSP grader now :(

  10. mrgubs says:

    Well your memory card or computer does’nt work propaly.
    I tried PSP Grader ver 8 and it only took me about 45 secs.

    • Taoteeric says:

      Thank’s for that
      As it works with my two PSP Fat but as told every where no way whith my Slim 5.05 from 2008 nevember. good news in sight ?

      Thank you

  11. kenny says:

    i know u need the pandora battery to download the firmware on the psp, but when its done downloading can i jus use a regualr battery?

    • Volc says:

      Yes you can use a regular battery after its finished, because you no longer require it to flash your psp.

  12. allsang says:

    works greate for me jiiiihaaaaaa keep up the good work

  13. […] this. Also once you have bought that download this. The only way to get away without buying anything is to hardmod your battery which is not really […]

  14. Josh says:

    This would’ve worked.
    But I didn’t get the Pandora Battery right.
    So it’s still a normal battery.

  15. mrgubs says:

    If it is a slim battery, cut where the number 19 is.
    To turn it into a normal battery again, just get a pencil and colour the cut up with the led on the pencil.
    im not sure about phat battery’s, I have never tried them before.

  16. kickboy says:

    when the program finished is said all was done ok but it doesn’t work. LOL said the right thing we need new memory sticks.

  17. jc3fresh says:

    does this work on psp 3000?

  18. xxlllxGamerxlllxxx says:

    ok so i just dwnloaded this program and whenever i click download ( from the progrom not here) it says error in finding eboot and when i click 5.00 official eboot it says 5.00 cannot find in archive!

  19. mads1153 says:

    When you get error on format, its format only on folder as video, game, photo folder. Please click on next.

  20. mads1153 says:

    I mean when you get error on format, so it will format game, video, photo, music folder.

  21. mads1153 says:

    When you have got it app, memory stick, pandora battery, When you go to app and you need to see select trigger button. Im recommed to use left trigger. Shutdown psp, put pandora battery on psp, hold left trigger and power up. Go to install 5.00 M33. When install 5.00 M33 is finished, will it start up itself. And you have done. Now you have 5.00 M33-4.

  22. […] great) the psp u have custome firmware on ,use that to make the battery as u noticed,then get psp grader 8…rader-8-a.html use xp machine. just select drive ,tick […]

  23. nilibek says:

    This is so great! קייטרינג when the program finished is said all was done ok but it doesn’t work. LOL said the right thing we need new memory sticks.

  24. […] only work with PSP1000 and PSP2000. Does not work on PSP 3000. Download links: PSP Grader: PSP Grader v008, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks OFFICIAL FIRMWARE 5.00: PSP Downloads | 5.00 Firmware Update Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6: PSP Custom […]

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  26. Dfgddth says:


  27. Natureworld says:

    can someone make 6.60 me or latest 6.xx cfw for the magic mem stick?

  28. Jamie Ferguson says:

    I’m a noob to this, but when i use psp grader its coming up with Eboot cannot be found, any ideas?

  29. JJD says:

    can this mess up my computer

  30. Masbma says:

    500pbp isnt there ant cant download 

    new link plz :D

  31. Djmorley.Com says:

    Masbma@ do a google serch and you will find it it dont take 5 secs to do the work yourself

  32. Masbma says:

    THX :D got it by downloading the OFW and renaming it

  33. Pandorizer says:

    this is the best windows program i’ve used so far for making magic memory cards.  this program only makes the memory card – you have to already have your own pandora battery.
    btw… you can get pandora batteries on dealextreme . com for about $6US including shipping. they call them “downgrader / service mode” batteries or something like that.