PSP Go Hands on Preview

PSP Go to be released with Firmware 5.70?

PSP Go to be released with Firmware 5.70?

Eurogamer have been lucky enough to get their hands on a pre release PSP Go unit to have a quick hands on preview off. Some interesting things to note are the PSP Go model they previewed features Firmware 5.70. It may or may not be shipped with this unreleased firmware. Of course since Eurogamer have some friends in Sony which got them this pre release unit to preview. Its unlikely they would try the MOHH exploit just for fun on the PSP Go. Sony wouldn’t be impressed!

The pre-release sample of the new hardware arrived with an unreleased firmware revision: 5.70. This may or may not be the system software that ships with the retail unit coming on 1st October, but either way it seems certain new firmware is part of the launch. Regardless, 5.70 does feature a number of changes over the current 5.51 operating system, albeit somewhat slight.

Not surprisingly, it’s the Settings area of the XMB that gets the lion’s share of the changes:

* Network Update is now listed as System Update, but, curiously, has the same options.
* Video Settings obviously doesn’t have the first four UMD-related toggles.
* System Settings now has a “Your Birth Date” option (second from top), and a “Display Panel Close Option” toggle, which allows you to set it to either “Standard” (goes to a clock graphic) or “Enter Sleep Mode”. Also “Battery Information” seems to be gone, as do UMD-related options, but there’s a “Format System Storage” option in addition to the usual Memory Stick format option.
* Power Save Settings loses the “Backlight Auto-Adjust” option for some reason.
* There’s a new “Bluetooth Device Settings” entry, which consists of a toggle for switching Bluetooth on and off and a “Manage Bluetooth Devices” entry.

All other elements of the XMB are identical to the current 5.51 firmware, aside from a new “System Storage” folder similar to the “Memory Stick” one, which, as you might imagine, allows access to the PSPgo’s internal flash storage. Hooking up the PSPgo to a Mac via USB, we find that the total available storage available to the user is 14.74GB, formatted in the FAT32 configuration (hence introducing a 4GB file-size limit – unlikely to be a concern to any PSP user). All this gives the PSPgo a marginal memory edge over a 16GB iPod Touch (mine comes in at 14.64GB total capacity).

We also measured file transfer times via USB, to the internal flash memory and also to the M2 memory card, using a 699MB file (715,647KB). The M2 transfer came in at 93 seconds, while the copy to the internal flash drive took 95 seconds, so effectively there’s next to nothing in it.

We dare them to try the MOHH exploit :)

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. PSP Homeland says:

    can’t wait to have my hands on this gadget. without the UMD, games are all through download, i see al lot of piracy in here, good for Sony coz this will booze their sale for PSP Go, bad for Game Makers! dont you think so?

  2. aeon44 says:

    i knew that there will be a new update when PSPgo is released.

    i just hope Dark Alex would start making a new CFW.

  3. captionkeen says:

    I own a video game store I got to goto E3 I played with the pspgo. thay had OFW X.XX, it had a record game play and a in game xmb.

  4. Vmurph says:

    Battery info gone??? Wth did they do that?

  5. Altair says:

    yea they shoudn’t have removed battery info

  6. aeon44 says:

    maybe there’s a new way to gey info on the battery of PSPgo.

    you’ll just have to buy it when it comes out on october.

    then judge it.

    i think Sony just want a new PSP that can go toe-to-toe with the NDSi, which is selling great in Japan.

  7. VGP12 says:

    Why have companies been bluffing the actual capacity of flash memory for so long? I mean, if its under 15 gigs and they say its 16 gigs, thats false advertising.

    • Grilljohan says:

      That´s because the filesystems are built that way. The memory itself is probably 16gb, but formatting them in different filesystem reduces that amount…

  8. atomic_ness says:

    are you actually retarded? or just pretending? The capacity of the flash memory available to the user may only be 14.64gb, but that doesn’t mean that is the whole thing, the PSP’s system memory (flash0 and flash1) takes up at least 30mb, probably more on this unit. Any device, be it flash drives, external hard drives or mp3 players never offer the amount of memory that is advertised. – This explains why.

  9. jack1005 says:

    maybe 2 – 3 years before it get hacked …………..ehehehe from the time of its release…..if it hacked earlier from that there would be less games that will be released hehehe