PSP Genesis Comp: Aereo By TeamMex


Something different for PSP Genesis Competition mix that’s not a plug-in is Aereo. Its a classic style side scrolling shoot-em-up game from TeamMex. Its like an old school R-Type clone, with power ups and so forth. This is only an Alpha stage release so, its not 100% finished and with only one level so far. But it gives you a taste. TeamMex hope to add many other level in time before competition close off. The below demo gives you a quick glimpse of what its like. (Note that on your PSP, it will run a good 50% faster than this video!)


Source: Wololo Talk & Download here: 14Mb

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  1. Fargaite says:

    Someone should port a Touhou game next lol…

    R-Type was an awesome game, Ill give this a run and see how it goes.

  2. Osaka says:

    There already is a Touhou game.
    Search Touhou Immitation Style

  3. TYSARD/TYLUR says:

    Someone should make an MMORPG.

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  5. omg says:

    Woo! awensome game :D

  6. vasi4_5 says:

    It will be awesome if someone make a beat em up game like final fight or streets of rage.