PSP Firmware update 6.10 Released.

PSP Firmware 6.10 Released.

PSP Firmware 6.10 Released.

Sony’s answer to the PSP game decrypter release perhaps? Maybe its patched, but the update seems to be more geared towards the PSP Go and its launch.

Firmware 6.10 will improve compatibility with Media Go and all PSP titles. Plus there is now a new music application called sensMe, which basically automatically categorizes your music collections. That is pretty neat.

That and using the bluetooth mode (PSP Go only) you’ll be able to use your mobile phone as a modem and connect to the internet. So wherever you have say 3G cell network coverage you could connect your PSP to the internet.

Source: Official PSP Blog

Download: PSP Firmware 6.10 Update
(PSP Firmware 6.10 Update - 27.4 MiB - 54,371 Hits)

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  • grk2meet

    first comment

    so does anybody know if the decrypter is reaaaly patched

    • aeon44

      the game decrypter is working. i tried it. i got persona, naruto, motor storm, disgaea, and gran turismo on my psp slim. you just need to change the umd mode for some games.

      • erikk

        aeon44 tell me again? wich region u put for GT? is yours cfw 5.03 GEN-A or 5.50GEN-B?

      • woeijiing

        i already upgrade my psp to version 6.10 but i can’t play the u say need change umd mode hove to change?

      • adikji

        how to change it??

  • aeon44

    i hope that future game releases won’t need this firmware.
    but we have Yoshiro of team GENyUS to make another update of the decrypter, if that happens

  • josesbike

    wtf??? another firmware ooo shit changin talking

    when team mac will get out the cutomfirmware????

    • biglake413

      It’s fake.
      Proven long time ago.

  • pain_akeron

    yow… Can anybody want to make a custom firmware 6.00m33 so that people will not get confuse.. suggestion only..

    • Angelo

      DAX needs to make it! D:

  • Angelo

    Dax needs to come to the scene again.. 6.10 M33. I really want it now.. :P

    • biglake413

      No he doesn’t.
      It’s DAX’s decision whether he come back or not. It’s not your decision.
      He will come back if he think he needs to.
      He doesn’t care if you need him or not.
      So don’t make comment like that, unless you work with him.

      • Angelo

        Chill out man, I’m not urging him am I? Learn the meaning of the word “should”..

      • Ram_attack

        Wow, you have a problem there dude bro! That makes no sense at all, you sound a little testy, do you need a hug? maybe a fresh towel? LOL! Chill dude, wait, wait! let me act like u biglake413, “You don’t need to say that, don’t comment on someone commenting on what they want, unless you want the same thing.” LOL! Sounds like a scene from Family Guy! Ya Nazi!

    • Ram_attack

      I second the notion, I like his work, clean and more simple. And yes, I said biglake, I understand he will come out when DAX chooses to come out, I accept that, but that is because that is the obvious. So,……there ya go.

  • VGP12

    Actually some INNOVATIVE NEW FEATURES in an official update! WOW!

  • novacane

    sony are real asses what about a proper flash player or a browser that dosent make me want chuck my psp out the window of a moving car fuck no one would have to hack there shit if they did it propper in the first place
    now with all there bs updates to try to get hackes to stop they should just fix the problems i wish there were lap tops this size oh wait there is … sony makes it for 1000 dollars so i dont want it

    • Ram_attack

      Yes! Finally someone said it! What is Sony’s set backs for making a good web browser that can handle youtube and other video sites?

  • bong9956

    i just downloaded this 6.10.,and i didn’t install it yet.,

  • n00b81

    lolz, I love how Alek always has to make it clear even though its an awesome update, there will be NO m33 version of it :P

    Its like “I just seen here 6.10 is out. It’ll make your f*** breakfast for you. But don’t ask for a m33!!!!” xD

    Sorry, thats my mini rant for today…

  • beejays

    WOW.. A PSP with a nifty music application! Now i can finally chuck my slim ipod and only haul my bulky psp every where i go!!! LOL

  • reynz

    So all i do is put the eboot in game folder and click it on my psp to update

    • liquorice

      dont update unless youre one of the hopeless 5.5x ofw users. lol

      • VGP12

        xD right on

  • chicolet

    we got to get something 4 the psp-3000

  • liquorice

    we have to wait for further changes, i think DaX doesnt consider that update to create for a new m33.

    • VGP12

      Thats been the case a bit too much latley… Switched to GEN a while back, and loving it. Would reccomend doing so.

      • chiva2007

        I agree.. m33 is good but Gen is just way better.

      • Ram_attack

        I am thinking about it, whats better besides being able to play new games?

      • badacid87

        nurhin its all the same i switched and honestly i see no differnce

  • Blood-vein

    Umm, since no one has asked, i’ll ask it.
    Are we still able to play games on the Memory Stick after updating the PSP to 6.10 ??

    • adikji

      we are same…anyone can help us???plzzz…
      what should we do…

  • ryanthomasnewell

    i agree with the last post any help people ???

  • adikji

    i think we all missing 1 folder..folder can we get it back???
    anyone cnt help us….plzzz

    • Blood-vein

      do not, i’m repeating, DO NOT update your PSPs to 6.10 unless you like to pay for your games and buy ‘em in UMDs. 6.10 is an official firmware, therefore you CAN’T play games off your memory stick when you update your PSP to ANY official firmware made by Sony itself.
      IF you have already updated your PSP to 6.10 and are having problems like “can’t play games on memory stick”, then you should get a magic memory stick and a pandora battery and reinstall a custom firmware on your PSP.

  • Paraspreet007

    nice app but it is not updating 

    • SimeEnglish

      maybe your wrong updute for my is work :P

  • Paraspreet007

    is in psp in old version  why i want to update it please message to my id  and explain me how to update the version 

    • SimeEnglish

      go to on your psp and go to Memory Stick.TM
      i think am help you