Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to ship with PSP Firmware 6.36


PSP Firmware 6.36 spotted! Monster Hunter Portable 3rd requires 6.36 to run. Blocks CFW.

This just fresh in from our Japanese source. According him, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will require an unreleased PSP Firmware 6.36 in order to run. This photo is apparent proof that Firmware 6.36 is real and on the UMD of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This system will require this update in order to play the game. Which is due to be released in 2 days on the 1st December in Japan. The game is expected to be a huge end of the year hit for Sony and Capcom.

Our source comments that Firmware 6.36 games have increased security and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will not work on any Custom Firmware. Prometheus or otherwise. Maybe firmware 6.36 patches other exploits, even TN’s VSH exploit ?

Sony is one step ahead of the hackers. And you can’t blame them for protecting one of their biggest end of the year releases in Japan.

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    lol stupid sony they think they can stop us!

    • D-TeK-DeV

      There is always a way to get around Sony’s security.

      • Yoshi

        There’s always a way around any security no matter what it is. Nothing is impenetrable.

  • D-TeK-DeV

    Let Sony have their fun for awhile. We should be satisfied with their recently hacked PSP’s. Its like Sony taking a test and keep failing it by making mistakes in games and firmwares.

  • CF3esBestia

    Sony stop supporting the current PSP!!! Its trash now. Time for PSP2 plz……6.36? really eh?

    I think its funny how people say “can’t stop us” hahahh its only like a few people actually working on CFW exploits, don’t try to bring undue attention to yourselves. Credit belongs to the people actually putting in the hard work. And BTW ummmm where is CFW 5.55 on 3000 and PSPgo, or a CFW 6.20 or 6.35..taking a bit too long wouldn’t you say? Too bad Dark Alex is not around…

    • Jtotheb1

      “us” as in the homebrew community also we donate to the hackers to help them with their research on the psp so yes us

  • CF3esBestia

    And actually ALL the credit goes to Sony for the hacking of the PSP since they created it duhhhh.

  • d33eniz

    Sony knows that there will always be a way to hack their software- but it’s the question about the time, it will took. So they just want to be sure, that people will buy it after the release and not download it.

  • CF3esBestia

    I wonder if 6.36 will be released on regular PSPs? I still don’t understand why they would release that psp. True many might want it, but I see them coming out with a deficit rather than a surplus.

  • dimy93

    10 hours at most and the magnificent defence of sony and capcom will be all history so do not fear

  • ediman9898

    Ya… I’ve lately been notified that there is such thing as photo editing!

  • astroshadow666

    the hell is it it with sony well maybe for the next 2 hours there will be a released hack for 6.36 u we might not know

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  • shiNsei

    Sometimes.. I feel kinda bad to those guys.. hmm…

    • CF3esBestia

      I don’t feel sorry for them. Their CEO makes billions more than I do. Hacking Sony software is not going to hurt them. The money is going to roll in regardless. So if people think they are trying to hurt Sony; well think again in your 2BR apartment

      • hiroyasu

        even so, money isin’t really the issue because no matter what psp will be sold if ppl want to hack them or not, but i stil find it stupid to have to buy psone games which aren’t even umd’s. so loosing your priveldige to your game you have to buy it again… so obviosuly there making tons of money but obviously not paying there employees enough to do the developing properly to have left in so many loop holes. they might as well give up and work on there next project and this time actually make it unhacked rather den saying it is.

      • shiNsei

        Yes! Yes!
        They hurt me a lot, nearly makes me to buy one!

        Wait.. you do know I’m being sarcastic, don’t you?

    • D-TeK-DeV

      You really shouldn’t. Since you PAID for your PSP, you should get the most out of it, leading to CFW.

      • Yoshi


  • CF3esBestia

    Yeah, I forgot, wheres the source to this picture? Need to have a source.

    • PSPFan

      Its a contact of ours. They don’t have a source website as such. Also he/she wishes to remain anonymous as the game isn’t officially released yet!

      • CF3esBestia

        I understand

  • Chris10Lyn

    i wish they release a hack for 6.36…..

  • bryats

    i think sony’s using psp as an experiment to strenghten their security for the psp two. And i think they’re trying to pressure tn to release his exploit by releasing new firmwares. I bet sony’s gonna release a new firmware for patapon 3.

    • lito313

      theres always a back door 2 every thing even sony sercurity T____T

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  • CF3esBestia

    Just give me the PSP2 and have Zipper make a new SOCOM with a classic feel and be diligent with kicking hackers off the game as they were with FTB2 while they WERE under CONTRACT.

  • jeremeel2015

    i wish that the kernel exploit isn’t find out

  • GameMaster1229

    What is there to worry about anyways? I’m pretty sure “ISO Tool” will easily decrypt and be able to patch Monster Hunter 3rd for Japan. Just give the tool about a week or two for release.

  • D-TeK-DeV

    Wow, Sony hasn’t even released it yet and people are already giving them hints,tips, and programs on what to fix BEFORE they ship it out.

  • unknownman

    Liquidzigong has just said that he will not update Prometheus anymore due to large amount of Chinese suckers blaming him not releasing the new ver of Prome for Mhp3 till 8th of Dec.
    Still don’t know when he will be back, maybe not return in a short time.
    According to Liquidzigong, there are 3 security lines of defence in OFW6.36, this is the only hint left for the others.

  • mummysboy

    Well it dont matter -It boots with 5.00m336 and prom 4 with a stargate plugin.
    In fact it even boots on 5.03GENC with above plugins.

    And even though liquidzigong is gone his work still works :D

    • newbie :)

      Can you teach me how to do it on psp 3000? Thanks :)

  • http://none steve hex editor

    sony made the psp 3000 to stop the softmode on batterys. but they dint know was the opening and cuting the lil wire. they found out and know they made the go so no pandora. but they never thought about the games. so the psp2 * most problably have no battery to take out no psn for hex editing the games and be back with umds . the pspphone maybe

  • MM1user


  • mich

    pls help me,i updated to 6.37 and now i can’t hack it,i need some help,pls for God sake

  • mich

    how can i hack psp 6.37

  • Ariel Teves

    can there be a lower version for psp 1000?

  • NoNameHereNope

    Funny. I play it on 5.00 m33-6 Prom-4 no problem. Even WITH an “Engrish” patch.