PSP Firmware 6.35 released. Adds Music Unlimited. *Update #2*


*Update #2* The good news: Total_Noob’s VSH Exploit is not blocked by firmware 6.35. Honestly that surprised me. Just shows that Sony hasn’t discovered it yet. -Thanks hacktester for the info. Source: Wololo

*Update* Firmware 6.35 does indeed block exploits. Its reported to block the Hot Shots Golf exploit. All we need is for Total_Noob to confirm if it also blocks his VSH exploit he found. My bet is it does…

Sony today released PSP Firmware 6.35, it adds a new Music Unlimited feature to the XMB music category. Its powered by Qriocity which is a new, cloud-based, digital music service from Sony that will give music lovers access to millions of songs stored and synchronized through the cloud. Sony’s Media Go software was also updated. I wonder if this firmware 6.35 patches Total_Noobs VSH exploit he found? Hmmm

Hi everyone, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) system software update (v6.35) is coming soon. This is a minor update that prepares your PSP system for the upcoming launch of “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” – a new, cloud-based, digital music service from Sony that will give music lovers access to millions of songs stored and synchronized through the cloud. A new icon for the service will be added to PSP’s XMB (XrossMediaBar) under the “Music” category. You can read more about Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity here, and we’ll report back when a launch date is announced.

In addition, the Media Go application for managing PSP downloadable content on your PC will be updated with enhancements to the user interface and advanced photo editing tools.

WARNING (READ!):  Don’t update to 6.35, if wish to use HBL or 6.20 TN-A (HEN) play homebrew etc etc

Download: PSP Firmware 6.35
(PSP Firmware 6.35 - 30.1 MiB - 116,088 Hits)

Source: Official Playstation Blog

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  1. rahulkadukar says:

    Guys please do not post links for the FW, I am sure plenty of noobs will download this and go to 6.35 and then ask questions such as “How do I downgrade ?”, “Will this support homebrew ?”, ……….. and so on.

  2. TYLUR says:

    GET RID OF THE LINK ITS PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • poop station portable says:

      there are 220 people with a ever more ‘doomed’ firmware than 6.31 when i was writing this.

    • rman says:

      Remove the link its pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. chrisuros says:

    This is it! Total_noob can now release his vsh exploit. We are really waiting for this. Request from one of your fans in the philippines.

  4. nisarg_kolhe says:

    I did wrong by buying a v6.10 psp but pls block the link or noobs will click and then ask sill question just like rahul said

  5. bryats says:

    Hey this is good news because if this will be released, TN’s 6.31 hen will also be released! yay!

  6. cluzex says:

    So OFW6.30 is out and i saw wololo forum OFW6.35 blocks out hots shots golf exploit…
    And as i remember total_noob will release the 6.20TN hen after the new OFW was released……
    I was wandering when TNhen will be released because i was thinking of selling my psp3001 with OFW 5.50 to buy me a new pspgo or a psp2

  7. PSPFan says:

    Well the link is there if people with pandora battery systems want to check it out then just pandora back to 5.50 GEN. There is a warning there not to update for noobz.

  8. AXiDE says:

    Uh oh…

    I was about to buy Hot Shots Golf 2 off PSN via Media Go to use for the exploit ready for TN’s HEN, but it immediately started downloading the new 6.35 firmware to my PSPgo so I had to cancel the firmware’s download.

    When I tried directly via my PSPgo, jsut to sign in it wanted me to update the firmware too.

    Is it too late to get Hot Shots 2 then if both Media Go and directly via the PSP are trying to force a firmware update before being able to install the game?

    Anyone able to get past this or have experience purchasing a PSN game and getting it on the PSP without it updating the firmware? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • luca00555 says:

      If you are on 6.30/6.31, why do you want to buy hot shots golf 2?????
      Total noob is going to realease 6.31 hen as an VSH EXPLOIT!!!!

      btw if you want to buy hot shots golf, just download media go.
      if you use media go ,you’ll don’t need to update your psp first.

      • AXiDE says:

        Ah, cheers. Didn’t know there was another exploit (been away from the PSP homebrew scene since I got a PSPgo).

        I got Hot Shots Golf anyway for $9.99. I just needed to buy and download it in Media Go with my PSPgo unplugged, and then when it was time to transfer it keep cancelling its attempt to add ‘PSP Software Update’ to the downloads queue.

  9. Viper_strike says:

    nice bait sony…

  10. deityofanime says:

    Probably a stupid question, but is the service free?

  11. aian says:

    dont know if its done by sony forcing anyone who try to buy online will be first prompted to upgrade to latest firmware before downloading the game.but just you wait if TN gonna release his vsh exploit.dont go upgrading yet.

  12. Altair says:


  13. poop station portable says:

    DONT UPDATE!!!!!!!

    you are go to see this a lot of times if it seems that it doesnt support the VSH exploid ;)

    i really dont hope it patches the vsh exploid for those poor people who has just updated.

  14. Christos says:

    I was almost that it was going to patch exploits, well let’s see what Total_Noob has in the bag. ;)

  15. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Really SONY? This is your BIG comeback for the Homebrew Community?? Really, a new music icon?? Its like TN knew this FIrmware was coming, because it came write out after he said ”almost finished.”

  16. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Also, I can’t wait to see ”6.20 TN-A (HEN)” showing in the ”Latest PSP Downloads” section at the right of the page

  17. 12apennachi says:

    Can someone explain to me what a VSH exploit is? I see it in the posts but I don’t know what it is or does.

  18. D-TeK-DeV says:

    @12apennachi, look on google and search VSH. You will see words in front of the XMB bar. You’ll see it. Trust me

    Well, since the 6.35 FW is out, looks like Wololo will continue his HBL. If he does continue the HBL, I don’t think homebrew games will run as well as they did with the r109 HBL on 6.35, because SONY patched the codes which made the HBL compatiblities play more homebrew games with the HBL. Looks like Wololo and other DEV’s has to find a way to increase the percentages of homebrews to be played on the future HBL

  19. TYLUR says:

    (>^^)> hooray for warning <(^^<)

  20. shiNsei says:

    C’mon people! go update !!

  21. N1ghTWar10r says:

    i see this as a good thing if u remember in total noob’s update a few weeks ago he basically said the new ofw update would be his queue to release the HEN i believe so this is a good thing unless you updated. im going to check his blog now

  22. aian says:

    wait a minute am i wrong or what the update said is true?? It says that this was only a minor update and the system software update is coming next. WTF?? Are you trying to fool us sony??!

  23. aian says:

    wait a minute am i wrong or what the update said is true?? It says that this was only a minor update and the system software update is coming next. WTF??
    you trying to fool us sony??!

  24. astroshadow666 says:

    mm its so sad the psp2 is gonna be released but who cares maybe dark alex strikes back again well its such a shame psp2 is gonna be released i will just enjoy my psp days when iso loaders and 6.20 tn A hen is released sigh but still im planning to buy psp2 when i graduate yeah it is possible

  25. hacktester says:

    @PSPFan,looks like you were wrong.Check out wololo’s blog.TN’s exploit is NOT patched.You should update this post…

    • PSPFan says:

      I’m glad I was wrong. Its good to see Sony infact didn’t find the VSH exploit :) I will update it thanks hacktester!

      Edit: Post updated :)

  26. hacktester says:

    WTF!!HBL for FW 6.35 is alredy done!!GOD,those guys sure work fast…
    Too bad,it wont be released so soon.So if you still want to use HBL,DONT UPGRADE!It may take months until neur0n releases HBL for this FW.
    Check out Wololo’s blog.

  27. SnIpErGuY says:

    How about removing that Warning? :o Good news that it isn’t blocked, thanks Sony for an extra feature for the hack. * Evil laugh * o_O

  28. SnIpErGuY says:

    Oh and, that means hack is coming since they told us TN will release it after a new firmware is released. :D

  29. Sigmund says:

    Why do you post these OFW updates here? Don’t you know you’re only attracting n00bs? Some might even be so stupid as to confuse it with CFW and download it!!! Then imagine the influx of noob questions you’ll have then!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. nikko de leon says:

    guys, i need help. i accidentally updated my psp go from 6.20 version to 6.35. now i cant play any game nor the ISO downloads are not working. any idea’s guys?

  31. jollyk says:

    Please help me how to instal that thing on my psp go

  32. peter iohann says:

    how can play iso to pspgo version 6.35?

    • rain says:

      6.35 can now be hacked here in the philippines…. so in your area i believe it could be..

    • clockdryve says:

      Download Prometheus Iso Loader and put in GAME folder. Then Make an ISO folder and put that on ROOT of memory…that is same place where PSP,MUSIC,PICTURE folders are. Just place anywhere on the ROOT….but NOT inside anything. Your PSP Backuos (ISO’s and CSO’s) go in that ISO folder. You have to run the Prometheus Iso Loader first….then you will see your ISO’s.

  33. robsta_12 says:

    it works thanks man

    • PageUp says:

      I updated my psp from i have 6.31 to 6.35. it does not have a Qriocity application? But it addeds X-radar portable application? Why does it happen? i hope for you to ask my question. Thankyou.

  34. Aakash says:

    hey i have 6.31 pro version in my psp & i wnt to update it to 6.35, so wht should i do..?? tl me proper way to do it & crack it after update it.. m waitng..

  35. Shaik(M)Shawn says:

    Thank you

  36. afzal says:

    hi guys can anyone help me out to unlock my psp 6.35 so that i can use the memory card and download the games and can able to play plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys help me

  37. grace says:

    magtigil kayo ang dami nyo reklamo…

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  39. Brainkilla79 says:

    Its actually quite funny where the opinions of the “I’m not a total noob” PsP Enthusiests were at 7-8 months ago… I do understand your concerns… people can be a bit BRAIN DEAD, fo sho…. however, I know I joined this site… because I want to help those NOOBs… to help them learn and succeed… after all no one in this forum… or anywhere… EVER… was born with the natural abilities to hack every PSP model every made….

    Keep On… KEEP’en ON!!!!

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  41. Josemiguel_bravo says:

    broken link please fix

  42. guest says:

    this link is bullshit it’s broken

  43. guest says:

    for psp 3004 only…

  44. Hangaroo says:

    this is SHIT